Supernatural, season 10

I recently started up a supernatural blog, it’s for everyone who’s a fan of supernatural! I’d be super stoked to see you over there! 

Onto my feels….

I watched episode one, the first time I’ve seen demon Dean in action! I’ve somehow, miraculously, managed to avoid finding out information/spoilers about s10 so far and I am so damn thankful I’ve managed something nigh on impossible! It meant that while I was watching it, it was all still new stuff! 

I want to say how I felt, so I am warning you, there are 10×1 spoilers ahead….

Opening scenes of Black show a woman being tortured, initially I was thinking it must be Dean. When it was revealed that Sam was controlling the show, I was like hmmm, touché. 

It’s almost, role reversal. Intentional, to have us as the audience believe that Dean be the one doing the torturing. It was obvious from then, at least to me, that Sam was going to be presented a little differently again during this season. 

Following Sam’s search for Dean and then being shown Dean signing karaoke and getting pissed up with Crowley kind of made me a bit disappointed. I thought we were going to have us some real dark demon stuff from the off but not so. Deans little eye up of the waitress have all the hints we needed and there it was, the post sex scene and a pretty blonde giving it WOW! 

*much yes* *very wow* *many sexy*

Sorry to sidetrack here but, uh, anyone else think Deam* needs a haircut? I couldn’t stop thinking about 90’s boy bands the whole episode….

*intentional. Dean+Deamon=Deam. 

With that digression over, and with that, more of the episode, I had to laugh at the role reversal yet again being shown through Sam, ‘son of a bitch’ omg! You could not be trying to replicate Dean’s mannerisms more! Which I think is necessary, and simultaneously bittersweet. The little brother inadvertently channeling his big bro, while searching for his big bro! As much as Sam is strong, I’m a pretty firm believer that Dean has always been the leader. The role reversal Shown through Sam is necessary because he’s now in control, the leader, if you will. Good, because at least he’s looking this time, Sad, because his Dean-isms only reflect how much he’s missing him!

 the revaluation that Crowley is responsible for sending Abbadon followers towards Dean wasn’t really a shock horror moment. Instead, I found myself feeling that Crowley was using Dean as a trap, weed out all the backstabbers and traitors who took Abbadons side during the fight for Hell’s throne. Knowingly, he sent them to Dean, to get killed. It’s pretty simple really, Crowley brings the fight to Dean, while doing so, he’s getting revenge on all those who left him and have not returned. Secondly, as explained to Dean by Crowley himself, to keep him on his demonic toes. Maybe, it’s a personal gain for Crowley, keeping Deam’s bloodlust well and truly high. But, with his admission (if you want to take like that) that Deam is his “best friend,” I’m swayed to thinking that He truly does feel that way. And instead of using Dean as a weapon, maybe, it’s possible, he wants Deam by his side, in Hell. 

I can’t help but feel like Deam was presented different to how I expected. I thought it was going to be demonic, nasty, from the go. It wasn’t, instead he was just a boozy, heavy handed version of Dean. They’ve howled at the moon, something that Dean wants to continue doing, almost in a self destructive way. Like someone who would turn to alcohol after a tough breakup, I couldn’t help but think that instead of happy, in a sadistic way, Dean seemed more intent on drinking away a sorrow. Does Deam feel like he’s going though a breakup? In a strange way, I see it as a possibility. Is Deam, missing his Dean? 

Since Dean wasn’t possessed by another demon,  it is safe to assume that Dean, and everything about Dean, is still there? That he remembers his humanity in the same way as Ruby and Crowley (while on human blood) remembered theirs? Is it okay to think that instead of embracing his demonic Side, he is merely getting along with it? Much like he has anythin else, ever, in his life? This being the reason he’d rather spend his time drinking in a dump than raising hell? And again, because of his new found feelings, he’s lost respect for himself? Knowing he’s now a Hunter, worthy of being hunted? Having no respect for himself would explain why he showed the pretty blonde no respect when he blatantly called her a Skank. *a blow below the belt by any standards.  

At the end, when we’re shown Sam’s Captured and a new face is introduced as the next nemesis, we’re shown a phone call between said nemesis and Deam. Throughout which, I felt torn. On one hand, I was thinking perhaps he really doesn’t give a fuck, he’s not really caring for himself, or others and he’s just found out his ‘beat friend’ practically betrayed him, he’s like already 100% done and really does not care. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but think that the only thing missing from the scene was the whole “if you hurt my brother, I will personally hunt you down and kill you.” Scenario. Could it be that for the sake of Sam, and the possibility of Dean being in Deam Somehwere, he’s actually already planned a way to find and slaughter new nemesis while saving sammy in the process?

I guess, I will have to continue watching to find out. What were your S10x1 episode feels? Similar to mine or polar opposite?

It was all true!

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of supernatural. It basically all I talk about. I’ve only been watching for a few months but I am hooked, obsessed and well and truly in love with the whole show, the plots, the themes, the craziness of it all, the characters, everything. I love it all.
Just the other night I finished watching season 9 and I came out of it not only scared about the fact that I am now so close to the most recent end but also flabbergasted!

If you haven’t seen seasons 3 and 9 then please be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

Since I began watching Ive always known that eventually Dean becomes a Demon. I have managed to avoid finding out how, or why, over time so that when it eventually happens, I would not feel disappointed. I was not disappointed, in fact, I was surprised. I didn’t realise that the ending of the finale would show us that Dean becomes the Demon, I thought that didn’t happen until season 10. While the whole episode was fantastic, It was the last few scenes that really gripped me.

Deans Dead, Sam’s crying. It’s all doom and fucking gloom. Sam goes to summon Crowley and then there he is, stood in the doorway, a black silhouette. My first and foremost reaction was a nice one, It’s Crowley, he’s there, he’s looking at Dead Dean and I think it might be the fact that he is sad, he may not be the Winchesters Favourite person but there is no denying that him and Dean are frienemys, it’s there for all of us to see. Maybe he has some humanity left and is mourning. Visiting a friend to say his last goodbyes. Then he enters the room and sits. observing.  He starts to speak,

You’re brother, bless his soul, is summoning me as I speak, Make a deal, bring you back, its exactly what I was talking about. It’s all become so, Expected. You have to believe me, when I suggested you take on the mark of Cain, I didn’t know this was going to happen, not really, Untitled I mean, I might not have told you the entire truth, but I never lied. I never lied, Dean. That’s important. Its fundamental, but, there is one story about Cain that I might’ve forgotten to tell you. Apparently, he too was willing to accept death rather than becoming the killer the mark wanted him to be, so he took his own life with the blade. he died.
Untitled except, as rumour has it, the mark never quite let go. You can understand why I never spoke of this, why set hearts a flutter at mere speculation? It wasn’t until you summoned me, no, it wasn’t truly ’till you left that cheeseburger uneaten, that I began to let myself believe. Maybe miracles do come true,Untitled Listen to me Dean Winchester, what you’re feeling right now, it’s not death, its life, a new kind of life, open your eyes Dean, Untitled see what I see, feel what I feel, lets go take a howl at that moon.Untitled

Crowley’s Whole speech starts off with feeling, making me believe that he is almost sad to see Dean dead, as he progresses, we start to notice, he’s not there to say goodbye, he’s there to ignite a fire. Pick himself up a new toy. We are firmly reminded that Crowley is the King Of Hell, the enemy. Something that the Winchesters would and should hunt. A firm reminder that Crowley was never Friend but always Foe. But there’s more to this scene, it not just a reminder that Crowley was and always has been the KOH but it takes us back 6 seasons and reminds us that we’ve seen this Dean. We watched Dean confront a Demon version of himself back in season 3 and, correct me if I am wrong, season 9 dean has the same marks, cuts and burises on his face in S9 Finale as he did in S3x10 ‘dream a little dream of me’. Back then, we think that its sorted,  that what was happening then was prevented but now, it’s happened. We saw it. Was it coincidence or foreshadowing? was season 9 already planned in season 3? if we’re seeing Demon Dean so many seasons after being told that’s what he will become, is there a possibility that Sam does get possessed by Lucifer? Could that happen too? We all know Lucifer Warned us that that’s what would happen,  that they would always end up there. is the apocalypse coming for us in a future season?

For me, I think that its a possibility.



Calling all Supernatural Family…

so last night i finished watching season 9. No spoilers here right now but I will say this. I am now just one season away from being a real-time, in hiatus with the rest of ’em viewer. YES, of course I am going to go back and watch it all again but I literally feel that shit is about to get real.

season 10. I’m actually there and I’ve dreaded it for a long time.

so, what is this post about?

well, I have decided, on a whim, that i would start a new blog today. Specifically for supernatural. But not just for me.

for all of us.

If you head here, you will see the website, if you want to, you can join the website and then you will be able to create posts, discuss your Fangirl or Fanboy moments, read others posts, get acquainted with other family members you might not have otherwise met and get talking about supernatural with other people who wont groan at you for mentioning it AGAIN!

Everybody is welcome to join, I only ask that you are a fan of supernatural and that you are respectful to the other member’s of the group.


The Weekend. The singer? Band?

Is the weekend a singer or a band? I don’t know.

All I know is I caught a whiff when the 50 shades soundtrack come out and I was instantly hooked to the sexy song that is ‘earned it’. Omg, I love that song and I would listen to it all the time if I could. It still has a top spot on my YouTube playlist. (all credit to VEVO for this video)

I had been listening to the song on the radio for a while and found that every time it came on it made me want to dance. Horizontally. With my boyfriend. I’m not lying either. Its one of the sexiest songs I’ve listened to for a long, long time and I applaud the person who wrote it, even more the person who chose it to feature on 50 shades. the song couldn’t be more fitting, regardless of the fact that I thought the movie sucked balls, this song will always be the silver lining of an otherwise lame movie. I decided that I wasn’t getting my fill of the song and quickly asked siri WHAT SONG IS THIS? the next time I heard it on the radio. I naturally head on over to youtube to what the vid.

Well, What I got ticked all the boxes! The video is sexier than the song! Now, I don’t think negatively of the video. I know some people have said that its a bit sexist, one guy watching a whole bunch of women sexy dance on some chairs but hey, isn’t that what the song makes you want to do anyway? Not to mention the fact that the women are actually sexy. People can say its objectifying the female form by allowing them to be gawped at while they dance provocatively but I don’t think so. I thought the video was amazing and reflected the feels and vibes of the song perfectly.

I did have a listen to a couple of other songs of his but never really took much notice. I was too hooked on listening to Earned it.

Fast forward from then to about 2 weeks ago, maybe three. I started hearing this new song on the radio and every time I heard it, it made me want to dance. get my wiggle on. Perfect.

The more I listened to the song, the more I began to wonder what was being said. I made my assumptions and left it at that. I siri’d the song while it was playing and to my surprise it was by the weekend.  Well, then I knew that what I initially thought was meant by the lyrics, was what was meant by the lyrics. At least in my opinion anyway,

see, the song is called I CAN’T FEEL MY FACE WHEN I’M WITH YOU, its catchy, its got a good beat, like I said it makes me want to bop about when its playing but I still giggled at what I felt he meant.

His lyrics make him sound like he’s talking about a lover. I don’t think that’s true, he’s talking about a lover, but not quite, maybe more of a dirty mistress, her name? Cocaine.  Cocaine makes your face numb when you take it, it gives you a buzz, makes you feel numb, carefree, young.


I cant feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it, but I love it

~~  ‘course you love it! you’re baked mate!

 and I know she’ll be the death of me, at least we’ll both be numb,

and I know she’ll get the best of me, the worst is yet to come.

~~ yes, she could very well cause your death son, and yes, the worst is yet to come, that’s kind of what happens when you’re addicted to drugs.

my stupid little replies are merely there for your viewing pleasure, the fact that this guy is singing about a drug, I mean he personifies cocaine likes its a lover! although I don’t really have much of an opinion when it comes to people who take drugs, more so because I just think more fool you, I cant help but love this song. not just for its catchy beat and vibe but because he’s literally serenading his love affair with a drug and I fucking love that!



Who am I and Why am I here?

Well, first of all I am here because it is not deemed socially acceptable to shout and scream about your favourite TV show out on the street, at least not where I cam from anyway. There a mental institute a few miles from home and I’ve heard that they pay someone £50 to section some one else. I’m pretty sure all the drug dealers and their pet addicts just down the road would have no problem bundling me onto the back of their push bike and carting me off to the place, especially if they’d found me mumbling to myself about loving Lucifer and having a soft spot for the king of hell and his favourite play toy MEG.

Have I told you about the chickens? I got chickens, I know I haven’t told you because I’m a really bad procrastinator and currently I’m crocheting so that takes first place over all things.

I named my chicken MEG. I named the other two CHARLIE and RUBY. Why? because supernatural, that’s why.

Also, I actually like writing more than I like peopling so it suits me.

I’m Faye by the way,  supermum by day, superfan by night. A few things you might like to know before d-d-d-dipping your toe into my pond.

  • I am really good a forgetting things, like you might comment and I might not reply, nothing against you, I probably forgot.
  • I like to procrastinate, for example, sometimes I really need to eat but I have other, more important, things like writing a blog post or staring off into the distance while I remember something, consequently resulting in a cringe.
  • I’m not a very good Fangirl. If I ever saw someone I’m a fan of,  I would cry and make snot bubbles before I actually shouted, screamed or waved my hands around like whacky inflatable tube guy.
  • My mouth is vile. Well, not my actual mouth like, I brush my teeth. What can come out of my mouth is vile. It’s by some grace of God that I haven’t yet used the C word. Although that one frequently vibrates the ear drums of people within my general vicinity, often, in real life.
  • I am crafty, super crafty. I’m likely to share my creative makes with you. Not all will be fandom specific, you’ve been forewarned.
  • I like using a lot of words, and bullet points.
  • I’m inconsistent. I might post thrice in a day for three days in a row and then you may not hear from me again for a fortnight.
  • My moods can range from Over Confident Egotistical Twat Bag to Manic Depressive Werido, sometimes on the same day.
  • Sometimes I have ounces of confidence to spare, sometimes I can struggle with having the confidence to post something.

I’m actually really nice, and funny. I think. At least that what i’m told, I’m always a bit unsure of trusting others judgements though. I have written an introduction to me. sort of, if you click on the about me button on the menu above ^ that should cover some stuff about me too!

I just want to write about my programmes and movies, experiences, thoughts and opinions and occasionally share my creative stuff. By doing that, I hope to connect with a whole bunch of other crazy people who can be just as weird as me.


Introverted Zentan-girl!

In case any one missed my original and first attempt at Zentangle/fan art, please check this post here.I was lucky enough to have an amazing response which inspired me to continue. I have a severe issue with acceptance and often shy away from sharing things Continue reading

Finite creatures and quitting smoking at thre worst possible time.

** I will be deleting this post at some point but i’m working on writing freely so, yeah. this happened. No Spell check or Proofread done except for adding this little snippet.

Seriously? The one day I consider using a writing prompt and it throws out a word I ave to google? FINITE? really, you want me to talk about the time I first realised I wasn’t going to live forever. I cant answer that specifically, I could’ve been 1993 and Bambi’s mother had just died on my 27 inch big backed TV. Maybe it was circa 1995 when I was held at knife point by my father?

who knows?

What I will say is this, I recently (on SATURDAY) decided to give up the fags! SERIOUSLY. I’ve been trying to give it up since I had to have a biopsy recently on  a lump in my boob and It frightened the living daylights out of me. I want to have more kids and smoking is just plain fucking bad for you so its a bit stupid to continue doing it.

In case you cant tell. I’m pissed. Its raining here. Its always fucking raining here. I hate this stupid patch of grass I call my country. ITS AWAYS FUCKING RAINING! If its not raining then its windy, if it aint windy its pretty much a mixture of hail, sleet and snow. that’s in APRIL! It’s abysmal. Shocking. DOWN RIGHT RUDE IF YOU ASK ME.

It’s july and im still sat in my living room wearing my pajams and the god damn heating is on!! I am not even joking.

This weekend has been an up and down kind ride, both bofriend and I have decieed enough is enough and the fags gotta go. That’s cool. we want to create life again so its probably for the best and to be honest I hate it, a lot. it stinks and its gross but where youre addicted, youre addicted and you just crack on with killing your lungs like it aint nuffin.

So im grumpy. its raining. this prompt sucks. my computer is slow and you know what maes this day INFINATELY worse than any other day? My friggin washing machine just conked out, mid cycle. Ive now got a dead machine full of dripping wet washing and its FUCKING RAINING! I cant even put the stupid wet washin on the stupid washing line because for some unfathomable reason, the weather gods despise the UK.

I blame the government and their stupid conservative, money grabbing ways. Maybe ts the sexists or the racists or the millions upon millions of unemployed people in this country, poisoning the atmosphere with their depression. Global warming be fucked, its just whole country of manic depressives upsetting the higher power I call god. Fuck you God. Fuck you Derick the weather man and your constant reminder that if we don’t all start taking suppliments we’re all going to have a vitamin D deficiency, on top of being unemployed, broke and stigamtised by the media for having boobs, or a dick or eyes. Or whatever NATURAL PART OF THE BODY YOU’RE CURRENTLY SAYING MAKES US INSUFFICIENT HUMANS.

Fuck you.

And fuck you too, argos, for your shitty electrical items that DIE a few days after the warrantee runs out, and your god damn credit checks. Fuck you.

I hate this. I might be a finite creature but i’m a creature non-the-less and this is my life. My irritated, nicotine withdrawn, broken washing machine, too broke to buy another one life. I wouldn’t change it but I am going to have a fag and kill off some more of my lung capacity, fuck it. We’re all finite, we all have expiry date, We live longer than yoghurt though so you know, there’s a bit of positivity to this piss poor existence.