It’s no Van Gogh.


Seriously, I am in love with the Baymax/Toothless crossover. I just spent an hour sketching up this picture. I love it but I wish what I saw in my head was what came out on paper!


Oh, I didn’t know you were a fangirl.

recently, I was discussing blogging with someone and I told them I have two blogs now, this one, and my other one. 

The response was “oh, I didn’t know you were a fangirl.” 

Okay, I didn’t really know how to respond that  and just muttered “yeah well” and that was that. 

Okay, I still actually don’t know what to say that because typically, by media standards, I’m not a fangirl. The fact of the matter is I am a fangirl and I know I just wrote the most contradicting sentence in the history of ever but I mean what I say. In general and throughout media, the word fangirl is associated with woman and girls who do the whole, weak at the knees, screaming, crying and fainting thing when they see a celebrity they love.




I understand that the majority of fangirls get called that because of the way they respond to seeing a celebrity they adore but I can’t help but feel that a portion of females who call themselves fangirls, myself included, would never react in that way. I, for one, would never scream and shout, I am way to introverted for that, that’s why I called this blog introverted fangirl, because I haven’t and would never behave that way if I saw someone I am a fan of.

Yes, I get excited.

Yes, in my mind I am freaking out.

No, I don’t shout.

No, I don’t faint.

Yes, I do have a very quiet mental meltdown and then I walk away.

The best example I can give is the time I saw a Matt smith lookalike, I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time and I was sure it was him. How did I respond? By grabbing onto my boyfriends arm and whispering “omg it’s Matt smith!” And looking in that direction. Not for one second did I think of approaching him, I would not have dropped everything and ran. I have seen other celebs and got excited about it, but that’s it. Its excitement. For me, I am like…. I just saw _____ achievement unlocked, 50 gamer points for faye, I have lived to tell the tale. It is exciting, to see someone who you love in screen, in the flesh and I understand that it’s the excitement that causes a fangirl to fangirl.

The reason I am writing this post is because when that person said, “I didn’t think you were a fangirl” what they meant was, I’ve never seen you scream and cry over a celebrity. They are right, they haven’t, nor has anybody else for that matter but that doesn’t make me any less of a fangirl. 

You just assume that because I don’t seem like a psychopath I am not a fangirl. 

Because I don’t have posters of half naked men on my walls, I am not a fangirl.

 Because I don’t tell you how excited I am about a TV show or movie, I am not a fangirl. 

Because I don’t gush over pictures of Jensen ankles in front of you, I am not a fangirl.

When really, what I define as A Fangirl, is a female of our species being totally geeky and knowledgeable on a subject that happens to be a TV show, movie or book.

 Does it matter that instead of outwardly expressing their obsession with something to you, they enjoy it, at home in their own way? 

Does it matter that instead of talking about how an actor looked, they discussed how they portrayed the character and how they thought they did it tremendously?

Does it matter that instead of having a shrine in their house of movie posters, they have a bookshelf full of the originals, that are tattered and worn out because they’ve read them so many times?

No. None of that matters to those who define a fangirl by what they see. Because if they don’t see it, it doesn’t happen and therefore, it can’t be.

The truth is, the screaming and shouting fangirls give the rest of us a bad name. A true fan would never be verbally abusive to the spouse of a celebrity. A true fan would never threaten another person because of an opinion. A true fan would never really stalk another human because they love them.. No, a true fan would accept the celebrity they love has a wife or a husband and accept that person has a life outside of a TV show. They would respect that other fans enjoy other things and understand that they are entitled to that enjoyment and expression, whether they agree or not. A true fan would respect the boundaries of their favourite celebrity and realise that they are human too and entitled to freedom, as well as safety, in their lives away from the media. What we do, is buy merchandise and sleep in fandom tee’s. Read the books, watch the movies and enjoy them for what they are, while also wearing fandom tees. We may have little, discreet tattoos  

I’m an autobot!

That pledge our allegiance to our fandoms and quietly enjoy them from the comfort of our own home. We go online and connect with people who enjoy the same stuff as us and we write about it, discuss our theories. Pick plot holes. Imagine headcanons, create fan art, write fan fic and yeah, we do it all wearing our fandom tees. 

That’s what a fangirl is to me, and that’s how I perceive myself as a fangirl. Just a normal human being with a quiet obsession for certain things. Who discuss those obsessions with passion. Who emotionally connect with a character they may or may not find physically attractive. A girl who sips tea from a tea cup that has a picture of the grim on the bottom. A girl who shops with a tote bag decorated with her favourite movie quote, wearing her fandom tee and a plaid shirt to keep her warm. 

I am proud to be a fangirl and openly admit to it. 

And to you, this person who shall not be named… Please refrain from subjecting me to your misconception of a fangirl and suggest that I am not merely because I don’t present myself to your incorrect expectation. 

Catch up!

Hello everyone! How are we all?

Hi there new followers who’ve followed since my last post and haven’t see anything from me yet! How’d you like it here? Am I doing alright? Hope so!

So, where do I begin, first of all I’ve been so busy kaboodling I haven’t been doing much fangirling! So here I am with an update.


Oh boy! It’s getting good. Just over half way through the season (5) and I’ve got to say, there have been some moments that have had me actually LOLing! 

Like for real, an actual laugh, out loud! Who’d have thunk it? Normally my lols are written with a face like this,


To be fair though, supernatural makes me the text equivalent of PMSL, or ROFL but ENOUGH of the acronyms, it’s makes me laugh, out loud. Not many shows actually do that to me, I might muster a half grin similar to that of a baby with wind when I find most shows funny, not supernatural though, I actually laugh, proper belly laugh and sometimes, I’ll reimagine the scene in my head and laugh again. Dean and Castiel scenes tend to do it the most! They’re so awesome together! Still not shipping it though… 

I will say the one scene that sticks out in the forefront of my mind is the Cupid scene! have you seen it? I was crying! HILARIOUS!

Also, I recently watched the episode where Ellen and Jo died! Well, my eyes started leaking and my heart started breaking for Dean… Because Dean and Jo are my OTP and let’s be honest, sad scenes when a mother and daughter sacrifice each other for the sake of humanity. Not only that, it made me think of my little one and I always get emosh if she enters my mind in a scene. I have to say, the end of that episode had me angry, Bobby burns the photo of them all! I do not condone any destruction of photographs in real life or on screen! 

Bobby stahp!
Bobby what are you doing?
bobby! Take that foto from the fiyah!
Dean grab the foto!
You just watched Jo’s face burn you son of a bitch!

Yes, I am thoroughly enjoying SpnS5 and I’m looking forward to finding out about the Lucifer/Sam and Michael/Dean vessel dilemma… Oh the excitement!

Next on my list is movies!

Captain America : The Winter Soldier.

Fear not, there will be no spoilers! I finally got around to watching this movie and I have to say I enjoyed it so much. Admittedly, Captain America isn’t my favourite Avenger but he’s still pretty epic. I loved the way this movie played out and how Capt dealt with it. Natasha was pretty good throughout too and the fight scenes were awesome! It’s actually hard to give a good descirption without giving any spoilers so I’ll just say it’s Massively recommended!


I watched this movies too. It has to be said, it was fucking fantastic and I’d watch it again. Scarlett Johanson plays the role great, it wasn’t really her that had me captivated though, the idea behind the movie and the storyline, was what did it for me. Drug induced chaos reminded me of limitless. It kind of had an air of inception to it, or at least I thought so. Ultimately, the ending was quite far fetched, but with that said, it didn’t stop it from being a great movie and although the the ending kind of went too far, the actual idea of humans being able to use 100% of their brain and what that would mean in terms of capability is very interesting. The screen play was fab and the effects were even better. It was so captivating in a matrix kind of way, the idea that it’s so believable but at the same time, do we want to believe? I highly recommend this movie!


I finally got my hands on a copy of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS courtesy of my local library and the moment it was placed in my hands I did a very introverted squee! I am so excited to get my face buried in this book! I haven’t watched the movie yet either, which makes it even more exciting. 

While I was at the library I also reserved myself Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, I can’t wait to get my hands on that one either, I’m really excited to read it! Both of these books are on my Goodreads ‘to read’ list and I’m looking forward to the satisfaction of ticking them off. The great thing is finding new authors too. I’m hoping that i will actually enjoy both of them and go on to read more by the same authors. It’s always nice finding new books that actually excite me because I love reading but I tend to find adult stuff too boring, I like the young adult books. It kind of makes me glad that I’m short and baby faced enough to get away with it. Still, there’s something a bit odd about a 25 year old hanging around the YA section of a library with a hungry look in her eyes! Let’s just move on from that…..


I may or may not have acquired a copy of Eye Pet and I may or may not currently have a fascination with a virtual pet I may or may not have customised with blue fur and called Blue. (There’s something very strange about shampooing thin air) (my daughter named it) (we hatched it together) ( this is next level tamagotchi, don’t hate)

Tomb Raider (combat strike edition)

What a game! Visually beautiful and the game play is fantastic. I love Lara but this game takes that level of love up a notch! I’ve not long started playing and I have to say I am loving it, I haven’t had much time to play these last two weeks but it sits there, on my shelf, death starting me until I walk away with my head down. I think I’ll be saving this for next week when I’m stuck in bed for a few days after my operation. 

Miniclip 8 ball pool.

Yes, I play this, admittedly I play sporadically but it’s there on my home screen on the iPad. I tend to play a game or two every now and then when my other half is at football or there’s nothing on TV or whatever. It’s like my ‘I’m bored’ go-to. Love it! (Flowbeth/level 12 – come play me.)

Well that’s my update done. I think for best part of the next week I’m going to be really busy with my kaboodle life and preparing for my upcoming operation, I imagine a lot of games will be played and lots of movies will be watched while I am recovering. I’m fairly confident I will be fliting between reading and watching supernatural too so stay in touch and I’ll keep you all updated if and when I can!

Talk to you all soon!

April 15th, the day the Titanic sank…Lets talk about ships!

Shipping – When two previously created characters are paired together to create a relationSHIP either Romantic or platonic.

First of all, I don’t think I’m a shipper. My tendency is to follow the script, so to speak, and I’m pretty content with what’s placed right in front of me and I bumble on my merry way, happy with what I’ve watched. Since joining tumblr and looking at fandom related things on Pinterest, I’ve been exposed to the creations of other peoples minds. Now, before I start sounding like an anti-shipper I want to stress I am Not anti shipping, in fact, there’s a few I enjoy. What I will say is I am surprised at how many ships are same sex. I’m am not phased by homosexuality, I don’t disagre with it, in fact I find it lovely. I have some close friends who’re gay as well as gay and bisexual family members, if you’re in love, you’re in love – don’t matter who it is. What surprised me was how many same sex ships exist, what’s more, how accepting everybody is of them. (awesome!)

Anyway, I’ve never read fan-fic so I don’t know what my true opinion is BUT from the things I’ve seen, I’ve developed opinions, so here goes…


Dean and Castiel.

Um, I’m not sure about this one. I can understand where the idea has come from because dean and Castiel share great scenes, Jensen and Misha have great off screen vibes too. I’m new to Destiel scenes that are written so trying to imagine them together is a bit difficult.


Dean and Sam Winchester.

This is a no go for me. Sorry peeps.  I am in love with the brotherly bond they have in-script. I can’t imagine them in any other way. I did notice the wink the writers did to the Fandoms Wincest ship in season 4 though and it made me laugh.


Fluttershy and Big Macintosh.

Okay, I’ll be honest, the first time I saw fluttermac fan art I was so, so , so angry! It made me furious, I hated it. But  a few MLP fandom pinterest boards later and I find myself admiring all the fan art and thinking how cute they are together. I wouldn’t say I agree, because I have my own ship for BigMac, and it’s not Fluttershy.


Tadashi Hamada and Honey Lemon.

Somuchyes! I LOVE this ship. They were made for each other and that’s that. The fan art I have seen has been exceptional, only adding to my love for this pairing. It so sad that it will never actually happen because of Tadashi’s death 😢


Hiro Hamada and GoGo Tomago.

Yes! I ship it, but I ship older Hiro with GoGo… Not 14 year old Hiro. The fan art is cute and the screen shots of the movie suggest Hiro has a crush on her too! 

Baymax/Hiro and Toothless/hiccup

On a friendship basis this is one of my favourite ships out there! Baymax and toothless just seem like they’re made for being best friends and it’s pretty obvious Hiro and Hiccup would get along amazingly too. Yet again, fan art of this is fantastic and makes me smile…. I really want to see one of toothless trying to she’s on baymax without his teeth and getting slower everywhere (I need an image of that in my life!)

Okay, so I don’t really  know the first thing about shipping, but I’m going to give a few a go because these are ones that have popped into my mind…

Dean Winchester and (blonde) Ruby. 

Big Macintosh and Rainbow Dash.

(I know it’s canon but,) Sheldon and Amy (need to get more serious!)

I still think Harry and Hermione should be together.

I’m lame at shipping lol

I wonder if my opinions change over time while I slowly get more familiar with fandoms and fan fic.

What about you? Do you ship anyone? 

Talk soon!

Not just a supernaturalian…

I realise I’ve only really just started to get to grips with sharing my fangirl stuffs with you all and I notice that I’ve talked about supernatural and Harry Potter and nothing else.

While those two are relatively large fandom (huge, mahoosive ones actually) I also belong to the small fandoms too.

I figured since I haven’t spoken about much else other than magic and monsters, I’d share a small list of other  pies I have my finger in.

Currently I am watching supernatural season 5, but while I wait for my cruddy hudl to load I’m savagely chomping my way through some malteaser bunnies and kinder bonbons while I compose this list….

Broadchurch. One of my all time favourite programmes. Murder, mystery, music, David tenant and a whole host of other fantastic actors. I couldn’t wait for each episode and now I’m waiting for series three I’m considering a revisit to the first two series’s again.

Stella. I literally watched the final episode of series four on Saturday night so the memory of the cliffhanger is well engrained into my mind. Stella is a programme set in the Welsh valleys and centred around a couple of families and individuals. One of my favourite actresses, Ruth Jones, wrote and stared (as the main character) in the series. Love triangles, teenage pregnancies, weddings, adultery and some crackin’ acting from the cast give a small insight into the Welsh valley life, well, it’s a bit exaggerated but hilariously funny so I don’t mind!

The Big Bang theory. Admittedly, I am not a from the beginning fan but I love it. I watch it regularly and enjoy every episode. I’m up to date with it at the moment and I can’t wait for more.

Sherlock. I’m two episodes in to the first series. I started watching sherlock before supernatural. It just so happened that Sherlock wouldn’t load one night so I watched the first ever episode of supernatural instead. That’s where I’ve been since but plan to go back to Sherlock after watching spn, maybe, although highly unlikely, the fourth series will be available by then and I can binge watch them all. I doubt that will happen but here’s hoping.

My Little Pony : Friendship is magic currently watching the fourth series, it airs once a week on a kids channel here, luckily, my mini fangirl loves it too so if I get her sitting long enough, we head for twilight and the gang for some colourful fun. I do indeed call myself a brony (even though I’m a girl.)

The middle. In desperate need of catching up on but still an all time fave, always a go to when I’m not happy with what else in on the TV. Sue has to be one the most inspiring teenagers  on TV and beautifully played by the actress (I forget her name!)

Okay, so that about covers my programmes. I would have included Doctor Who but I haven’t watched it since 11 regenerated. It broke my heart to see Matt Smith leave and it left me with a bitter disliking of 12, I should be more open minded but the feels are real peeps. I’m 100% confident o haven’t included all of my loves BUT I can’t remember any at the moment so I’m leaving it there. Plus, I’ve ploughed my way through all my chocolates and I’m about to cuddle up in bed and crack on with some SpnS5. 

Until next time friends👓😎 

P.S… Do you like my Pj’s? #theresnounicornemoji #petitionforunicornemoji 


Writing 101. Day 2. A room with a view.

Carrying on with my writing 101 challenges. I decided I would give the second task a try after finally getting around to reading about it. I meant to do it the other day but I got incredibly side tracked by stuff, and things.

Anywho, task 2. A room with a view. 

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light,
what place would you go to right now?
Today’s twist: organize your post around the description of a setting.

The Tower. (A short story exploring description)

As I walked the winding staircase towards the entrance to my common room, my nerves increased with every step I took. I couldn’t belive I had been sorted into Ravenclaw, the first in my family that wasn’t a Gryffindor. My steps echoed on the staircase and I couldn’t help but run my fingers along the cold stone walls as I gradually made my way farther and father up the tower, the continuos spiral causing me to feel dizzy.

The prefect ahead of me was tall, with dark hair and I never remember his name. I just remember him being completely silent for the whole duration. Another girl who was sorted into ravenclaw walked behind me in complete silence too, I wanted to ask her name but my nerves had made my throat dry, I just continued my climb in silence. There were a group of four boys also sorted into Ravenclaw that evening, they talked together with ease, two were muggleborn, another had a magical father and a muggle mother, the other came from a magical family. They talked about sports, swapping stories of the sorts they played together. The muggle boys sharing football, cricket and British bull dog stories, the others sharing stories of Quidditch matches and all four of them were equally amused as each other with each different story told. I didn’t care much for their conversation but their voices helped to drain out the sound of our footsteps which helped to calm my nerves.

As we continued to follow the spiral staircase, we reached the final turn and all too soon, I saw a half moon balcony above me. I gripped the banister and smoothed my hand along it, using it to steady me from my jelly legs. I felt my heart racing as I followed the banister around onto the balcony, a quick glimps over the side I saw the spiral staircase I had just climbed, below me. Turning to face the prefect, I saw him stood in front of a large wooden door, it stood solid and dark, much taller than the prefect. His tall stance belittled by the door, he seemed smaller and less intimidating. He coughed, they boys fell silent and the six of us stood, and listened to what he said, “First Years. This is the entrance to your common room. This place will be your home while you are a student of Hogwarts.” His voice was clear and crisp, a small northern accent rang through his words, “To be granted access to the Ravenclaw Common Room, you must answer a riddle. Ravenclaws are regarded as the most intelligent wizards.” He paused as he stepped to the side and revealed a large bronze knocker shaped like an eagle, the handle held by two large talons. “For a Ravenclaw, you are capable of answering every question you are asked, but don’t be fooled, you will find them hard and there is a very strong chance that you may not be able to answer some. Be careful to always remember to take everything you need with you when you first leave the tower because should you forget and find yourself stuck on the balcony with no answer to your riddle, you risk costing the house points for turning up to classes late or without your correct equipment. Please avoid loosing points and do all you can to collect them, it’s been ages since we won the house cup!” He broke his prefect character, and laughed as we laughed with him. “Let’s get on with this, you,” he pointed to me, “come knock and find out today’s question, and before we proceed, I will not be helping you today, you must figure this out by yourselves.” He smiled, and ushered me towards the door.

The large bronze ring felt cold and heavy, but I lifted it and knocked three times. The eagle sprang to life, adjusting his wings and turning his head to look me directly in the face. “What gets wetter as it dries?” He asked, his voice deep and husky, before turning his head and looking away. I turned around to look at the others, they all looked confused, I was confused. I felt out of my depth and silly, I don’t know the answer, “any ideas?” My voice was croaky from having a dry throat and I coughed. They all answered with various different versions of no at the same time. I was relieved I wasn’t alone and I suddenly didn’t feel as nervous, or alone.

After twenty minutes of talking and consideration, Matthew, one of the muggleborn boys got it, with excitement in his Welsh accent he shouted, “I’ve got it, it’s a towel!” We all smiled and looked at the eagle, he turned his head again and said “correct.” And the door to the common room opened. 

We all walked inside with awe, confronted with an empty common room we each looked around, open mouthed and silent. The room was magnificent, large, spacious and round. The walls curved around us, grey in colour but large blue and bronze tapestry hung between each window setting a blue hue over the entire room. Each tapestry showed pictures of Eagles soaring, catching prey and standing majestically. Ahead of us was a large staircase leading onto a balcony, long drapes of blue, hooked into large bronze holders framed a floor to ceiling bookshelf that spanned the entire curved wall. Book of of all sorts, shapes and sizes stood on the shelves perfectly, not a single book was out of place. The walls around us were covered in large curved windows that shone the evening sunshine through onto the furniture, highlighting every detail. Small individual chairs stood solemnly near all the windows, blue fabric covered them and solid oak legs held them up. A large fireplace was surrounded by four separate sofas, each as large as a double bed, they were covered in blue fabric that fell into all the grooves and nooks of the cushions, bronze satin pillows sat on top of large plushie blue seats, they were evidently well used and looked like the most comfortable pillows I had ever seen. A large painting of Rowena Ravenclaw hung above the fire place, she smiled at me and continued to sit there, watching us. Below the balcony was an open space filled with bean bags and pillows, I spied a few loose books stacked near some of the bean bags and realised it was a place to read, comfortably and quietly. As I looked around the room I noticed more shelves full of books, a large display cabinet full of potion ingredients stood tall near the entrance and next to it, a station to brew potions. A large statue of Rowena Ravenclaw stood to the left hand side of the door, pale and perfect, down to the very details in her diadem, she looked strong and powerful while still having a beautiful face which warmed me like my mothers. I couldn’t help but turn to look at her painting, she smiled once more and looked upwards. My eyes followed her gaze and I saw the ceiling of Ravencalw tower for the first time. It curved up from the arched windows but faded into a flat surface covered with the Stars. An enchantment, much like the one used in the great hall to show the weather, displayed the skies behind weather, beyond clouds and instead showed us the stars as they were where our eyes are unable to see. I stared at the stars and caught one shooting, directly above me, as I stood inside a tower. 

Before I had a chance to spot something astrological, the prefect broke the silence “if you’d all come to me please,” he was stood near the sofas, and we each made our way to him from where we stood, “if you’ll look over there near Rowena’s statue, you will notice two doors. The one on the left leads to the girl dorms, the right leads to the boys. If you make your way to your dorms now please, you can start unpacking and getting yourself settled. I will be staying here while you familiarise yourself with your surroundings. If you want me, I’ll be on the balcony reading.” He bowed his head to us and walked away. The boys stared running towards their door shouting “I get first pick of the beds!” As the other girl and I made our way towards the door to our dormitory. 

We walked through to the door onto another spiral staircase, we climbed, I turned to the girl and said “My name is Faye,” “Mines Emily. Looks like it’s just the two of us.” She seemed awkward, but no more than I was. As we climbed, we talked some more about the Hogwarts express and where we came from, passing several doors on the way. We tried to open each door but they were locked. We reached the final door at the top of the staircase and Emily pulled the handle down, it clicked and opened with a creak. The room was large, and round with six four poster beds evenly spaced around the room. Each bed had large blue drapes that could be opened and closed, a small table to one side and a wardrobe to the other, separated by windows. Our luggage had been delivered and placed at the end of the two beds Central of the six. I laughed out loud and startled Emily, “I can’t believe this! It’s so exciting! Let’s jump on the beds!” Emily looked at me, a stunned expression covered her small features but her eyes turned bright and she smiled, revealing her perfect white teeth, “yes!” She shouted as we both ran towards the nearest bed and started jumping, laughing and screaming as we did. As I jumped from one bed to the other, careful not to bump my head on the top of them, I caught a glimps out of the window and almost stopped mid air before landing awkwardly in a lump on the next bed. I scrambled up and called Emily, “come check this out!” We both clambered into the chest of drawers beneath the window and looked out. Below us, we could see the grounds of Hogwarts, the lake glistened under the dying sun, the Quidditch pitch stood out against the surrounding mountains, The herbology gardens looked small amidst the green grass of the grounds. The forbidden forest stretched out and into the distance, darkening into the foot of a mountain far away. We stood looking out of the window, soaking in the view. All shades of green, trees of every shape and hight, lush lawns of deep green and royal blue skies turned dark as we looked and the night drew closer. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, I had made it, I was finally at Hogwarts, in Ravencalw tower, in a room with a view.

So, yeah… That’s my version of a room with a view. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


I’m on Tumblr, but I don’t really understand how it works, I know how to update my own blog and post a picture and I’ve followed some people and I’ve made some searches and shizz but I just don’t get it, Like if I want to comment on something, do I have to reblog it? is that was commenting is on Tumblr? Or do I actually comment somehow? I haven’t seen any way to comment other than to reblog. Also, do people see what I’ve rebloged? Like the person who posted the post I reblogged and wrote on, do they see what I wrote? Or do I have to follow them/they follow me to see what I wrote? This is what I mean when I say I don’t get tumblr.

It seems so hard to adjust too, and yet there are literally millions of people on there, enjoying the experience and using tumblr like it’s not hard at all…. me? I’m like a lost sheep amongst wolves!

I really want to become actively involved in fandoms, I know I belong in Fandoms and you could say I am in fandoms but I don’t feel like I am. I have this mental image of Fandoms and that to actually be in one, you have to actually be actively involved with the fandom, I assumed the place to do that was Tumblr but much to my disappointment and difficulty, I just can’t work Tumblr. I have gone through topics I liked and reblogged some things with a comment or two but I’ve never had a response and I wonder if I’ve actually done it all wrong…really, this is my current situation. confused as hell over tumblr.

I feel lost when I’m on there, it seems like such a huge social media network with hundreds of choices to filter through. Naturally I search out the things I enjoy, MLP, Supernatural, BH6 and Disney and I’ve seen some super cool things but I just click the  little heart, I assume that’s a LIKE right?

Obviously when I upload my own content, I tag and I’ve seen somewhere that only 5 tags work so I use 5 or less. true or not? I don’t even know.

In conclusion, I am at a complete loss when it comes to Tumblr. My mind just doesn’t seem to comprehend what the hell is going on. I see millions of gifs and people make them look easy and then I’m like, I don’t even know to save a gif, post a gif on here or on there! am I stupid? I feel stupid.

If you know how to use tumblr, please help. I’d really like to start getting involved and actually talking to people about the things I mutually enjoy and I just can’t seem to grasp it and it makes it hard for me to actually achieve what I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks for reading and if you have any advice I would love you forever. For what it’s worth, my name on there is flooginminnie. I don’t know if you want to follow me or whatever? It’s up to you haha!

See ya later alligator!