Pottermore and the time I had an identity crisis..

I discovered Pottermore back last summer, it had been announced that Jo had released new content, something like that anyway, so I turned to Google and one of the top links was this site, Pottermore. I had never heard of it before and curiosity got the best of me as I clicked myself into this website.

I was greeted with all things magical and immediately found the sign up button. Once I had access to the site I was elated, it was Harry Potter, the story that weaned me into an adult and now this amazing website? So much feels!

Congratulations! You are magical. and there was my name, in a book, right above Harry and the rest of the gang. After that I chose a username and patiently awaited my confirmation email.

The confirmation email gave me a link to click and after a welcome letter from J.K Rowling I clicked the button to start my journey.

You’re faced with two options when you’ve logged in and got access to the site, I started my journey to Hogwarts first (obviously!) by clicking the button…

First I had to visit Gringotts to collect my wizard money. I had to use a key to open my vault by interactively dragging a key over to a lock, then when I was awarded my 500 galleons I headed straight over to Diagon Alley! (DIAGON ALLEY!!)

Armed with my first year equipment list I bought myself a pewter cauldron from Potage’s and then I headed over to Eeylops Owl Emporium and bought myself a barn owl. Then, as instructed, I went to Ollivanders to get a wand. I had to answer a couple of questions and that’s when the magic happened.

The Wand that chose me was a 9 and three-quarter inch sycamore with a phoenix feather core, unyielding. I was over the moon! In my life, I have loved Harry Potter more than what is normal for some written fiction, I have always kept it close to my heart but I always said, from the first book that I would never make a wand, I would never call a wand my own until I was chosen by one at Ollivanders, I always knew this was never going to happen and accepted that but, there I was, a 24-year-old muggle-born getting my very first wand…FROM OLLIVANDERS! I didn’t care that it was virtual site, this stiff was legit, created by Jo with everything that is important in the magical world, I didn’t care that it wasn’t really real, It was real to me and I finally had a wand and as luck would have it, I was also on my way to sorting ceremony in the great hall. (and my wand was 9 and three quarters..like the platform! eeek!)

A short video from Jo telling me to be honest while answering the questions that lay ahead of me made my day, I remember feeling so excited! I was going to finally confirm my belonging to gryffindor… legitimately. I couldn’t wait to see my acceptance into gryffindor, I was going to swan in there, to my rightful place and relish in every moment of it!

I answered the questions with pure honesty, I didn’t even so much as hover over any answer that I could potentially use, I knew the answer as soon as I saw it and clicked it. I got through those questions with ease, I was comfortable with myself, I knew myself well enough to know what I wanted out of the selections, hit those buttons and proceeded through the questions, what happened next will forever be the one moment in my life I will always remember as the worst…

The Sorting Hat Has Placed You In….


(you what?)



I think my heart shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. (what do you mean Ravenclaw? how could this be?) I remember feeling like my earth had just fallen from below my feet and I started to cry. I cried like I something had died, something had died… my Gryffindor had died! (how can I be a Ravenclaw?)

All my life, all the stories and movies, every moment I referenced Harry Potter in my day-to-day life, all the times I read through the night until it was light, all the times I had watched Snape die and cried for hours afterwards… I was a gryffindor, a courageous, brave Gryffindor and yet there I was, looking at my screen while a blue and sliver banner swung in my face. I just stared at my screen, feeling empty while I cried real tears and died each time I thought about not being placed in Gryffindor.

The person I am, the love I have for Harry Potter and for J.K Rowling means that I was never going to question her work, I would never think for a second that I was placed in the wrong house. There’s no way I could’ve been placed in the wrong house by the sorting hat himself! That was unthinkable. I know there are people out there who just sign up again and re-do the sorting hat quiz until they get into the house they think they belong, some deny that they were ever sorted to begin with and continue to believe they belong to a different house. Not me. I would never question the work of Jo, I would never think that it was wrong, or a mistake had been made. I watched the video, I listened to Rowling tell me to be honest and I took on board every word she spoke and I answered my questions honestly. There was no denying it, I am a Ravenclaw. End of.

I had to switch off my computer, I didn’t want to practice spells with my magnificent new wand or brew potions with my new cauldron. I didn’t care. I had to get away. I took myself upstairs and dried my tears and tried to take on board this life changing information. I just couldn’t believe it. I honestly felt my heart break. I couldn’t settle. I Googled it and Googled it, I watch ~YouTube videos of other people getting their Pottermore results and being just as heartbroken as me. I felt their pain, I was one of them.

It took me about four days to calm down. I made my boyfriend get sorted he got Gryffindor. I made my sister get sorted, she got Gryffindor too. Each time it made me keep the tears hidden. I was gutted.

I just kept thinking, how could I not be a Gryffindor? I associated so much with Harry in the book, we shared similar childhoods, he was my hero, everyones hero. even when Neville killed the damn snake and made everyone proud too….he was a Gryffindor! how am I not a Gryffindor?

On the fifth day after learning I was a Ravenclaw, I sat watching My little Pony and I realised, Twilight would be a Ravenclaw! Twilight Sparkle would be in Ravenclaw!

(TWILIGHT SPARKLE IS A RAVENCLAW!) And in that moment, It seemed okay. I started thinking about it and I logged into Pottermore again and actually read all about Ravenclaw. With each passing paragraph I felt better and better. By the end of it, I realised, I belong in Ravenclaw, it’s my Hogwarts House.

I am a Ravenclaw.








5 thoughts on “Pottermore and the time I had an identity crisis..

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I believe we have traits from at least two Hogwart’s houses. Yes, you might have more traits of a Ravenclaw, but you could be a Gryffindor too 🙂 Do the quiz again on another account and see where it sorts you, the result might be different.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      I don’t like to do that, I just think I was as honest as o could’ve been, if answer them all the same now lol, I love being a ravenclaw now, I’m totally more one, it fits my personality great 🙂 thanks x


      • Jeyna Grace says:

        The questions rotate on Pottermore. I believe they are not the same every time. The first two times I did it, I was in Slytherin (the house I wanted to get in). Then I tried another two times and I got Ravenclaw. Kind of shocking at first, and then I realised I am partially Ravenclaw. The hat never lies.. haha!


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