My new pencil!

Being crafty, I’m always looking to buy art and craft supplies. I’ve got 8 drawers, three shoe boxes and 6 pencil cases full of art and craft fodder…. It’s compulsive buying when I see something crafty and much to my sheer delight today, I came across my favourite crafty buy this side of the millennium! 


I spied this at our local ASDA while we shopped around for some last minute Easter gifts… It was £1!

I love it, my new pencil! I’m anti-sharpening at the moment,  I like it looking like a wand, what’s even more interesting is the fact that I bought it at face value, I didn’t read the description  on the packaging until we got home. Turns out, it has a Phoenix feather core! Just like the wand that chose me at Ollivanders! 

It’s not quite a wand, it’s not quite from Ollivanders but it’s a damn fine addition to my craft supplies and my new favourite thing ever!

Accio tea and cake!


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