I’m on Tumblr, but I don’t really understand how it works, I know how to update my own blog and post a picture and I’ve followed some people and I’ve made some searches and shizz but I just don’t get it, Like if I want to comment on something, do I have to reblog it? is that was commenting is on Tumblr? Or do I actually comment somehow? I haven’t seen any way to comment other than to reblog. Also, do people see what I’ve rebloged? Like the person who posted the post I reblogged and wrote on, do they see what I wrote? Or do I have to follow them/they follow me to see what I wrote? This is what I mean when I say I don’t get tumblr.

It seems so hard to adjust too, and yet there are literally millions of people on there, enjoying the experience and using tumblr like it’s not hard at all…. me? I’m like a lost sheep amongst wolves!

I really want to become actively involved in fandoms, I know I belong in Fandoms and you could say I am in fandoms but I don’t feel like I am. I have this mental image of Fandoms and that to actually be in one, you have to actually be actively involved with the fandom, I assumed the place to do that was Tumblr but much to my disappointment and difficulty, I just can’t work Tumblr. I have gone through topics I liked and reblogged some things with a comment or two but I’ve never had a response and I wonder if I’ve actually done it all wrong…really, this is my current situation. confused as hell over tumblr.

I feel lost when I’m on there, it seems like such a huge social media network with hundreds of choices to filter through. Naturally I search out the things I enjoy, MLP, Supernatural, BH6 and Disney and I’ve seen some super cool things but I just click theย  little heart, I assume that’s a LIKE right?

Obviously when I upload my own content, I tag and I’ve seen somewhere that only 5 tags work so I use 5 or less. true or not? I don’t even know.

In conclusion, I am at a complete loss when it comes to Tumblr. My mind just doesn’t seem to comprehend what the hell is going on. I see millions of gifs and people make them look easy and then I’m like, I don’t even know to save a gif, post a gif on here or on there! am I stupid? I feel stupid.

If you know how to use tumblr, please help. I’d really like to start getting involved and actually talking to people about the things I mutually enjoy and I just can’t seem to grasp it and it makes it hard for me to actually achieve what I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks for reading and if you have any advice I would love you forever. For what it’s worth, my name on there is flooginminnie. I don’t know if you want to follow me or whatever? It’s up to you haha!

See ya later alligator!



8 thoughts on “Tumblr?

  1. Nicole Elizabeth says:

    Don’t worry, back when I first used Tumblr, I didn’t know what the heck to do either! I thought that it was where you just posted your own content and it was kind of like a blog (even though it is a blog, it’s a very different type of blog). Although I don’t post my own content on there (well not anymore, back in 2010 when I first joined Tumblr, that’s all I though you could do, was post your own things, so I have a few posts of my own) but now I just follow people and reblog their things.

    To answer some of your questions:
    Yes, to comment on something, you must add your comment and then reblog it.
    People following you can see what you reblog, but the original poster may or may not know that you posted a comment on their post unless they are following you and can see it. (at least I believe that’s how it works).
    Concerning the tags on a single post, that may be true and it might not be. If it is, it explains why people post such long tags to their posts, if they can only have five tags per post. But I’m not exactly sure on this one.

    Like I said before, I just follow people and reblog things, I’m not much into posting original content on Tumblr. And don’t feel bad about not understanding it, it took me over a year before I realized, “Oh THAT’S what you’re supposed to do!” And then it proceeded to take up hours of my life, lol. And once I realized that you alt+click the reblog button to auto-reblog, it changed my life on Tumblr. I used to right click on the reblog button and then go through the tabs and manually reblog that way. It wasn’t until like 2013, 3 years after using Tumblr, that I realized that trick. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hope this helps! And sorry if I got a little carried away, it’s always fun to meet someone of the Tumblr society! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a great day!

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  2. Nicole McIntyre says:

    Tumblr isn’t really a place for you to comment on stuff. Tumblr is simply a place where you reblog other people’s posts and like them. If you do add something to a post add your url so people will know it was you. You can use as many tags as you like. People also use tags as a way to add their comments but the tags will only show up on your post and disappear when someone else reblogs it. I’ve been on Tumblr for a good number of years now. I rarely post my own stuff, I mainly just reblog.

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