Writing 101. Day 2. A room with a view.

Carrying on with my writing 101 challenges. I decided I would give the second task a try after finally getting around to reading about it. I meant to do it the other day but I got incredibly side tracked by stuff, and things.

Anywho, task 2. A room with a view. 

Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light,
what place would you go to right now?
Today’s twist: organize your post around the description of a setting.

The Tower. (A short story exploring description)

As I walked the winding staircase towards the entrance to my common room, my nerves increased with every step I took. I couldn’t belive I had been sorted into Ravenclaw, the first in my family that wasn’t a Gryffindor. My steps echoed on the staircase and I couldn’t help but run my fingers along the cold stone walls as I gradually made my way farther and father up the tower, the continuos spiral causing me to feel dizzy.

The prefect ahead of me was tall, with dark hair and I never remember his name. I just remember him being completely silent for the whole duration. Another girl who was sorted into ravenclaw walked behind me in complete silence too, I wanted to ask her name but my nerves had made my throat dry, I just continued my climb in silence. There were a group of four boys also sorted into Ravenclaw that evening, they talked together with ease, two were muggleborn, another had a magical father and a muggle mother, the other came from a magical family. They talked about sports, swapping stories of the sorts they played together. The muggle boys sharing football, cricket and British bull dog stories, the others sharing stories of Quidditch matches and all four of them were equally amused as each other with each different story told. I didn’t care much for their conversation but their voices helped to drain out the sound of our footsteps which helped to calm my nerves.

As we continued to follow the spiral staircase, we reached the final turn and all too soon, I saw a half moon balcony above me. I gripped the banister and smoothed my hand along it, using it to steady me from my jelly legs. I felt my heart racing as I followed the banister around onto the balcony, a quick glimps over the side I saw the spiral staircase I had just climbed, below me. Turning to face the prefect, I saw him stood in front of a large wooden door, it stood solid and dark, much taller than the prefect. His tall stance belittled by the door, he seemed smaller and less intimidating. He coughed, they boys fell silent and the six of us stood, and listened to what he said, “First Years. This is the entrance to your common room. This place will be your home while you are a student of Hogwarts.” His voice was clear and crisp, a small northern accent rang through his words, “To be granted access to the Ravenclaw Common Room, you must answer a riddle. Ravenclaws are regarded as the most intelligent wizards.” He paused as he stepped to the side and revealed a large bronze knocker shaped like an eagle, the handle held by two large talons. “For a Ravenclaw, you are capable of answering every question you are asked, but don’t be fooled, you will find them hard and there is a very strong chance that you may not be able to answer some. Be careful to always remember to take everything you need with you when you first leave the tower because should you forget and find yourself stuck on the balcony with no answer to your riddle, you risk costing the house points for turning up to classes late or without your correct equipment. Please avoid loosing points and do all you can to collect them, it’s been ages since we won the house cup!” He broke his prefect character, and laughed as we laughed with him. “Let’s get on with this, you,” he pointed to me, “come knock and find out today’s question, and before we proceed, I will not be helping you today, you must figure this out by yourselves.” He smiled, and ushered me towards the door.

The large bronze ring felt cold and heavy, but I lifted it and knocked three times. The eagle sprang to life, adjusting his wings and turning his head to look me directly in the face. “What gets wetter as it dries?” He asked, his voice deep and husky, before turning his head and looking away. I turned around to look at the others, they all looked confused, I was confused. I felt out of my depth and silly, I don’t know the answer, “any ideas?” My voice was croaky from having a dry throat and I coughed. They all answered with various different versions of no at the same time. I was relieved I wasn’t alone and I suddenly didn’t feel as nervous, or alone.

After twenty minutes of talking and consideration, Matthew, one of the muggleborn boys got it, with excitement in his Welsh accent he shouted, “I’ve got it, it’s a towel!” We all smiled and looked at the eagle, he turned his head again and said “correct.” And the door to the common room opened. 

We all walked inside with awe, confronted with an empty common room we each looked around, open mouthed and silent. The room was magnificent, large, spacious and round. The walls curved around us, grey in colour but large blue and bronze tapestry hung between each window setting a blue hue over the entire room. Each tapestry showed pictures of Eagles soaring, catching prey and standing majestically. Ahead of us was a large staircase leading onto a balcony, long drapes of blue, hooked into large bronze holders framed a floor to ceiling bookshelf that spanned the entire curved wall. Book of of all sorts, shapes and sizes stood on the shelves perfectly, not a single book was out of place. The walls around us were covered in large curved windows that shone the evening sunshine through onto the furniture, highlighting every detail. Small individual chairs stood solemnly near all the windows, blue fabric covered them and solid oak legs held them up. A large fireplace was surrounded by four separate sofas, each as large as a double bed, they were covered in blue fabric that fell into all the grooves and nooks of the cushions, bronze satin pillows sat on top of large plushie blue seats, they were evidently well used and looked like the most comfortable pillows I had ever seen. A large painting of Rowena Ravenclaw hung above the fire place, she smiled at me and continued to sit there, watching us. Below the balcony was an open space filled with bean bags and pillows, I spied a few loose books stacked near some of the bean bags and realised it was a place to read, comfortably and quietly. As I looked around the room I noticed more shelves full of books, a large display cabinet full of potion ingredients stood tall near the entrance and next to it, a station to brew potions. A large statue of Rowena Ravenclaw stood to the left hand side of the door, pale and perfect, down to the very details in her diadem, she looked strong and powerful while still having a beautiful face which warmed me like my mothers. I couldn’t help but turn to look at her painting, she smiled once more and looked upwards. My eyes followed her gaze and I saw the ceiling of Ravencalw tower for the first time. It curved up from the arched windows but faded into a flat surface covered with the Stars. An enchantment, much like the one used in the great hall to show the weather, displayed the skies behind weather, beyond clouds and instead showed us the stars as they were where our eyes are unable to see. I stared at the stars and caught one shooting, directly above me, as I stood inside a tower. 

Before I had a chance to spot something astrological, the prefect broke the silence “if you’d all come to me please,” he was stood near the sofas, and we each made our way to him from where we stood, “if you’ll look over there near Rowena’s statue, you will notice two doors. The one on the left leads to the girl dorms, the right leads to the boys. If you make your way to your dorms now please, you can start unpacking and getting yourself settled. I will be staying here while you familiarise yourself with your surroundings. If you want me, I’ll be on the balcony reading.” He bowed his head to us and walked away. The boys stared running towards their door shouting “I get first pick of the beds!” As the other girl and I made our way towards the door to our dormitory. 

We walked through to the door onto another spiral staircase, we climbed, I turned to the girl and said “My name is Faye,” “Mines Emily. Looks like it’s just the two of us.” She seemed awkward, but no more than I was. As we climbed, we talked some more about the Hogwarts express and where we came from, passing several doors on the way. We tried to open each door but they were locked. We reached the final door at the top of the staircase and Emily pulled the handle down, it clicked and opened with a creak. The room was large, and round with six four poster beds evenly spaced around the room. Each bed had large blue drapes that could be opened and closed, a small table to one side and a wardrobe to the other, separated by windows. Our luggage had been delivered and placed at the end of the two beds Central of the six. I laughed out loud and startled Emily, “I can’t believe this! It’s so exciting! Let’s jump on the beds!” Emily looked at me, a stunned expression covered her small features but her eyes turned bright and she smiled, revealing her perfect white teeth, “yes!” She shouted as we both ran towards the nearest bed and started jumping, laughing and screaming as we did. As I jumped from one bed to the other, careful not to bump my head on the top of them, I caught a glimps out of the window and almost stopped mid air before landing awkwardly in a lump on the next bed. I scrambled up and called Emily, “come check this out!” We both clambered into the chest of drawers beneath the window and looked out. Below us, we could see the grounds of Hogwarts, the lake glistened under the dying sun, the Quidditch pitch stood out against the surrounding mountains, The herbology gardens looked small amidst the green grass of the grounds. The forbidden forest stretched out and into the distance, darkening into the foot of a mountain far away. We stood looking out of the window, soaking in the view. All shades of green, trees of every shape and hight, lush lawns of deep green and royal blue skies turned dark as we looked and the night drew closer. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, I had made it, I was finally at Hogwarts, in Ravencalw tower, in a room with a view.

So, yeah… That’s my version of a room with a view. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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