April 15th, the day the Titanic sank…Lets talk about ships!

Shipping – When two previously created characters are paired together to create a relationSHIP either Romantic or platonic.

First of all, I don’t think I’m a shipper. My tendency is to follow the script, so to speak, and I’m pretty content with what’s placed right in front of me and I bumble on my merry way, happy with what I’ve watched. Since joining tumblr and looking at fandom related things on Pinterest, I’ve been exposed to the creations of other peoples minds. Now, before I start sounding like an anti-shipper I want to stress I am Not anti shipping, in fact, there’s a few I enjoy. What I will say is I am surprised at how many ships are same sex. I’m am not phased by homosexuality, I don’t disagre with it, in fact I find it lovely. I have some close friends who’re gay as well as gay and bisexual family members, if you’re in love, you’re in love – don’t matter who it is. What surprised me was how many same sex ships exist, what’s more, how accepting everybody is of them. (awesome!)

Anyway, I’ve never read fan-fic so I don’t know what my true opinion is BUT from the things I’ve seen, I’ve developed opinions, so here goes…


Dean and Castiel.

Um, I’m not sure about this one. I can understand where the idea has come from because dean and Castiel share great scenes, Jensen and Misha have great off screen vibes too. I’m new to Destiel scenes that are written so trying to imagine them together is a bit difficult.


Dean and Sam Winchester.

This is a no go for me. Sorry peeps.  I am in love with the brotherly bond they have in-script. I can’t imagine them in any other way. I did notice the wink the writers did to the Fandoms Wincest ship in season 4 though and it made me laugh.


Fluttershy and Big Macintosh.

Okay, I’ll be honest, the first time I saw fluttermac fan art I was so, so , so angry! It made me furious, I hated it. But  a few MLP fandom pinterest boards later and I find myself admiring all the fan art and thinking how cute they are together. I wouldn’t say I agree, because I have my own ship for BigMac, and it’s not Fluttershy.


Tadashi Hamada and Honey Lemon.

Somuchyes! I LOVE this ship. They were made for each other and that’s that. The fan art I have seen has been exceptional, only adding to my love for this pairing. It so sad that it will never actually happen because of Tadashi’s death šŸ˜¢


Hiro Hamada and GoGo Tomago.

Yes! I ship it, but I ship older Hiro with GoGo… Not 14 year old Hiro. The fan art is cute and the screen shots of the movie suggest Hiro has a crush on her too! 

Baymax/Hiro and Toothless/hiccup

On a friendship basis this is one of my favourite ships out there! Baymax and toothless just seem like they’re made for being best friends and it’s pretty obvious Hiro and Hiccup would get along amazingly too. Yet again, fan art of this is fantastic and makes me smile…. I really want to see one of toothless trying to she’s on baymax without his teeth and getting slower everywhere (I need an image of that in my life!)

Okay, so I don’t really  know the first thing about shipping, but I’m going to give a few a go because these are ones that have popped into my mind…

Dean Winchester and (blonde) Ruby. 

Big Macintosh and Rainbow Dash.

(I know it’s canon but,) Sheldon and Amy (need to get more serious!)

I still think Harry and Hermione should be together.

I’m lame at shipping lol

I wonder if my opinions change over time while I slowly get more familiar with fandoms and fan fic.

What about you? Do you ship anyone? 

Talk soon!


7 thoughts on “April 15th, the day the Titanic sank…Lets talk about ships!

  1. Nicole McIntyre says:

    Dramione (Draco and Hermione) is my OTP (One True Pairing)! I also ship Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline, The Vampire Diaries) and Rumbelle (Rumpelstiltskin and Belle, Once Upon A Time).

    Harry and Hermione have to much of a brotherly, sisterly bond for me so I could never ship them.


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