Catch up!

Hello everyone! How are we all?

Hi there new followers who’ve followed since my last post and haven’t see anything from me yet! How’d you like it here? Am I doing alright? Hope so!

So, where do I begin, first of all I’ve been so busy kaboodling I haven’t been doing much fangirling! So here I am with an update.


Oh boy! It’s getting good. Just over half way through the season (5) and I’ve got to say, there have been some moments that have had me actually LOLing! 

Like for real, an actual laugh, out loud! Who’d have thunk it? Normally my lols are written with a face like this,


To be fair though, supernatural makes me the text equivalent of PMSL, or ROFL but ENOUGH of the acronyms, it’s makes me laugh, out loud. Not many shows actually do that to me, I might muster a half grin similar to that of a baby with wind when I find most shows funny, not supernatural though, I actually laugh, proper belly laugh and sometimes, I’ll reimagine the scene in my head and laugh again. Dean and Castiel scenes tend to do it the most! They’re so awesome together! Still not shipping it though… 

I will say the one scene that sticks out in the forefront of my mind is the Cupid scene! have you seen it? I was crying! HILARIOUS!

Also, I recently watched the episode where Ellen and Jo died! Well, my eyes started leaking and my heart started breaking for Dean… Because Dean and Jo are my OTP and let’s be honest, sad scenes when a mother and daughter sacrifice each other for the sake of humanity. Not only that, it made me think of my little one and I always get emosh if she enters my mind in a scene. I have to say, the end of that episode had me angry, Bobby burns the photo of them all! I do not condone any destruction of photographs in real life or on screen! 

Bobby stahp!
Bobby what are you doing?
bobby! Take that foto from the fiyah!
Dean grab the foto!
You just watched Jo’s face burn you son of a bitch!

Yes, I am thoroughly enjoying SpnS5 and I’m looking forward to finding out about the Lucifer/Sam and Michael/Dean vessel dilemma… Oh the excitement!

Next on my list is movies!

Captain America : The Winter Soldier.

Fear not, there will be no spoilers! I finally got around to watching this movie and I have to say I enjoyed it so much. Admittedly, Captain America isn’t my favourite Avenger but he’s still pretty epic. I loved the way this movie played out and how Capt dealt with it. Natasha was pretty good throughout too and the fight scenes were awesome! It’s actually hard to give a good descirption without giving any spoilers so I’ll just say it’s Massively recommended!


I watched this movies too. It has to be said, it was fucking fantastic and I’d watch it again. Scarlett Johanson plays the role great, it wasn’t really her that had me captivated though, the idea behind the movie and the storyline, was what did it for me. Drug induced chaos reminded me of limitless. It kind of had an air of inception to it, or at least I thought so. Ultimately, the ending was quite far fetched, but with that said, it didn’t stop it from being a great movie and although the the ending kind of went too far, the actual idea of humans being able to use 100% of their brain and what that would mean in terms of capability is very interesting. The screen play was fab and the effects were even better. It was so captivating in a matrix kind of way, the idea that it’s so believable but at the same time, do we want to believe? I highly recommend this movie!


I finally got my hands on a copy of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS courtesy of my local library and the moment it was placed in my hands I did a very introverted squee! I am so excited to get my face buried in this book! I haven’t watched the movie yet either, which makes it even more exciting. 

While I was at the library I also reserved myself Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, I can’t wait to get my hands on that one either, I’m really excited to read it! Both of these books are on my Goodreads ‘to read’ list and I’m looking forward to the satisfaction of ticking them off. The great thing is finding new authors too. I’m hoping that i will actually enjoy both of them and go on to read more by the same authors. It’s always nice finding new books that actually excite me because I love reading but I tend to find adult stuff too boring, I like the young adult books. It kind of makes me glad that I’m short and baby faced enough to get away with it. Still, there’s something a bit odd about a 25 year old hanging around the YA section of a library with a hungry look in her eyes! Let’s just move on from that…..


I may or may not have acquired a copy of Eye Pet and I may or may not currently have a fascination with a virtual pet I may or may not have customised with blue fur and called Blue. (There’s something very strange about shampooing thin air) (my daughter named it) (we hatched it together) ( this is next level tamagotchi, don’t hate)

Tomb Raider (combat strike edition)

What a game! Visually beautiful and the game play is fantastic. I love Lara but this game takes that level of love up a notch! I’ve not long started playing and I have to say I am loving it, I haven’t had much time to play these last two weeks but it sits there, on my shelf, death starting me until I walk away with my head down. I think I’ll be saving this for next week when I’m stuck in bed for a few days after my operation. 

Miniclip 8 ball pool.

Yes, I play this, admittedly I play sporadically but it’s there on my home screen on the iPad. I tend to play a game or two every now and then when my other half is at football or there’s nothing on TV or whatever. It’s like my ‘I’m bored’ go-to. Love it! (Flowbeth/level 12 – come play me.)

Well that’s my update done. I think for best part of the next week I’m going to be really busy with my kaboodle life and preparing for my upcoming operation, I imagine a lot of games will be played and lots of movies will be watched while I am recovering. I’m fairly confident I will be fliting between reading and watching supernatural too so stay in touch and I’ll keep you all updated if and when I can!

Talk to you all soon!


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