It’s been a while!

I haven’t posted in over a week!

Firstly, I would have posted something last weekend but I somehow managed to forget to actually post what I wrote. I had an operation a week ago yesterday and I’ve been a bit whacked out.

I originally planned on keeping an update of what I was reading and watching while I recovered but I didn’t, obviously.

I’m better now, healing slowly, a bit sore. I started reading ‘The fault in our stars’ while I was recovering, managed a couple of chapters before I realised I wasn’t actually reading it properly, there’s so many long words and I found that my anesthetic influenced brain just couldn’t absorb what was going on. I need to go back about three chapters and re-read them to get the jest of it properly.

Season 5 of SPN came to an end and left me feeling a mixture of emotions. The whole vessel thing had me feeling sorry for the Winchesters, I have to admit though, I don’t understand why the fandom miss Lucifer so much, I didn’t think he was in it that much. I saw that he was kind of nice, actually, for the devil but I was expecting more. More scenes, more dialogue, just more. I’m still wondering how the SPN fandom misses him, I genuinely didn’t think we saw enough of him to miss him when he left 😐

I’ll agree with the Fandom, Angels are dicks, except Cas, obviously. I hated, I mean actually hated, Zachariah. What a dick. Literally. All the other Angels were shit bags too, rude and obnoxious, it was amazing watching the show and hating something that in real life are seen as awesome, very clever. Overall the season was jam-packed with amazing characters and stories. The way it all unfolded and boomed at the finale was awesome, nail-biting and just totally epic. The cliff hanger was amazing and I dread to think how I would feel if I was actually watching the show in real-time!

Needless to say, I started watching season 6 about two days later and I’ll be honest, I HATED IT! Ohmygod, I hated it! I hated the way they had written Sam. It was such a weird experience watching it and feeling so much negativity towards Sam. Then seeing how Dean was treated after his return to hunting and seeing Sam junior and all other family members that were not to my liking. I very nearly stopped watching because I just wasn’t enjoying the episodes. I thought they had changed Sam for good. Anyway, it’s all good now. Sam’s back to normal and I can get back to being the SPN fan that I am.

In other news, just yesterday I started playing Sims freeplay. I have a confession, I have NEVER played the Sims. I have played sim city on the DS (one of my fave games ever) but never the actual Sims. I was bored and my gaming genre tends to sway towards simulation anyway, so I just thought bugger it. So far so good, I just wish it didn’t take so long to get some money!

We’ll see how that goes!

I guess I havent got much to report really. Spent a lot of time just doing family stuff and sleeping while I recovered.

What about you guys? Anything new to share?

Talk to you all soon!


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