A bit pointless but here we go….

I’ve just finished season 8 of supernatural, I’m not even going to parented that it didn’t affect me right down in the deepest of feels because that would be a lie and I’m not a liar. The season finale saw me throwing my tablet scores my bed and (metaphorically) screaming OH MY GOD! (The baby was sleeping) 

Anywho, I am complete poo at writing how I feel about a show because i always mama bed to make it look l I’ve I spat at my PC and a blog post happened, utter shite. I can’t even. 

With that said, I did think I was only watching season 7! So now I’m off on a journey into season 9 knowing that within a month or so, I will be in hiatus. I’m not even going to say what that will do to me! I know I will cry and I will not be carrying on like some wayward son… I will curl up in a ball and cry, like a child, who just discovered the tooth fairy doesn’t exist (or does it?) either way, I will not be happy. This is the first time in my life I am actually concerned about being on a break from a show. Normally I can just get on with it. Not this time. Nope nope nope. It scares me. I actually do want to watch Sherlock though so having the time for that will be nice. Still, no spn?… Lame.

Right, so what exactly did I come on ‘ere for? 

Oh yeah, well, I signed up to blogging 101. I’ve done it before on my other blog and it was super beneficial and I’m doing it again only here! I’ll finally get myself together enough and have a plan/prompt which is more than “Jesus Christ almighty, I just finished another season of supernatural,” since that’s pretty much what all my posts are about.

So, I know with blogging 101 there’s going to be an introductions and shizz, I’m actually really looking forward to getting it done and actually finding a groove for this blog! I started it with the intention of fully opening up about my crazy introverted fan girl self and instead I’ve spent the majority of my posts complaining about supernatural ending when I don’t want it to, even though I’ve got seasons left to watch.

So, yeahhhhhh, like I said, a bit pointless but there you go, I’m gonna be posting pretty regularly soon enough ๐Ÿ˜˜ ttfn bitches!


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