An open letter to LittleMix, From the magical community.

Dear Little Mix,

First of all I am writing to you regarding your recent pop hit Black Magic, (video acquired Via VevoLittleMix)

This morning I promised I would tackle my dining room wall. It’s in desperate need of redecoration and today was the day I told myself I would finally get around to doing it. I’m not much of a DIYer so I enlisted the help of my favourite radio station to motivate me. While I stripped wall paper, I found myself listening to your song. It wasn’t the first time I have heard it and admittedly, each time I hear it I find myself bopping along to its 80’s-esque beat. Its catchy, rather funky indeed but I wonder if you realise what you might be teaching kids with the lyrics of your song?

I am about to break a very ancient law by putting this letter out there for all to see, I can almost guarantee that I will go to jail for this but I cannot hold my tongue any longer. I am a witch, I realise this may sound very strange to you, I am aware that you aren’t familiar with the magical world that surrounds you but it is the truth. I am Indeed a magical being and I would like to tell you why I believe your song is setting the wrong example for magical children.

Understandably, you we’re unaware until this very letter that magical children existed so you need not apologise for you’re actions but I do expect you to alter all the lyrics so that you don’t give impressionable young witches and wizards the wrong idea about magic. Black magic as you know it is not how we know it. We are more likely to use the term Dark Arts. Now, the Dark Arts are not as fun as you depict in your strangely enjoyable picture video. Indeed, your video is quite entertaining but I digress, the Dark Arts are neither enjoyable nor are they entertaining. The Dark Arts have caused a lot of problems for the magical world, ultimately resulting in a war.

I know I needn’t explain the severity of a War to you, but I’d like to tell why your song is creating a bit of a stir in the magical world.

Back in 1938 a young man called Tom Riddle secretly started studying the Dark Arts and along with his growing knowledge of them, he became power hungry. By the year 1970 Tom Riddle was no more, instead he called himself Lord Voldemort. He had already committed several murders and upon his return he started gathering followers. Voldemort and The Death Eaters (his followers) used many Unforgivable Curses and as he gained more power and followers, disappearances, deaths, torture, terror and atrocities were committed in both the wizarding and Muggle (that means people who aren’t magic) worlds. Almost 10 years passed and everybody lived in fear of him. Then one night, Voldemort killed a mother and a father to a baby, that baby was called Harry Potter. When Voldemort tried to kill baby Harry, something happened and he vanished. It was 11 years before he was heard of again, he had managed to use the Dark Arts to split his soul, enabling him to come back to life if he were ever killed. It took another few years but eventually, Voldemort managed to regain all his strength and was once again able to cause untold misery within our world.

In 1998, We were at war. Witches and Wizards were fighting against Death Eaters. Voldemort, seeking revenge upon Harry Potter, Killed many people. And while the good of our kind fought hard against the Death Eaters, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was almost destroyed. It was foretold in a prophecy that only one person could defeat Lord Voldemort and that Person was Harry Potter. Harry Potter ultimately defeated Voldemort but we had not won. So many precious lives were lost, magical babies orphaned in the fight. Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Friends Died on that day and the aftermath was no easy feat. We had to build our lives back up from the ruins of what had once been. I ask you, do not even try to imagine the devastation, you will never be able to grasp the severity.

Now you know our story, I will return to what I actually want to say. Your song invites young people to use black magic as a way to get the boy, or girl, they love to love them in return. You invite them to see potions as an answer to their teenage Love troubles and I cannot stress how wrong you are. Potions are a very serious business to magical folk and while all young witches and wizards are taught potions from the age of 11, the story of Tom Riddle is a firm reminder that Strong Love Potions are never to be taken advantage of. Tom Riddle was conceived while his father was under the effects of a love potion rendering Tom incapable of feeling love. A truly terrible thing that ultimately lead him to become one of the most feared Wizards of our time.

I realise your song was intended to be fun and witty. I’m pretty sure all the young muggles love it, however, I implore you to see the effect your song could have on the teenagers and young men and women of the magical world. I need not remind you of the devastation caused by the misuse of a love potion back the mid 1920’s, I have already told you that story.

Forgive me for being so frank with you, I know this will be a lot to take in. I hope you can understand where I am coming from. I look forward to hearing your alternative lyrics as per my request.

Yours sincerely,

Faye The Great.






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