Who am I and Why am I here?

Well, first of all I am here because it is not deemed socially acceptable to shout and scream about your favourite TV show out on the street, at least not where I cam from anyway. There a mental institute a few miles from home and I’ve heard that they pay someone £50 to section some one else. I’m pretty sure all the drug dealers and their pet addicts just down the road would have no problem bundling me onto the back of their push bike and carting me off to the place, especially if they’d found me mumbling to myself about loving Lucifer and having a soft spot for the king of hell and his favourite play toy MEG.

Have I told you about the chickens? I got chickens, I know I haven’t told you because I’m a really bad procrastinator and currently I’m crocheting so that takes first place over all things.

I named my chicken MEG. I named the other two CHARLIE and RUBY. Why? because supernatural, that’s why.

Also, I actually like writing more than I like peopling so it suits me.

I’m Faye by the way,  supermum by day, superfan by night. A few things you might like to know before d-d-d-dipping your toe into my pond.

  • I am really good a forgetting things, like you might comment and I might not reply, nothing against you, I probably forgot.
  • I like to procrastinate, for example, sometimes I really need to eat but I have other, more important, things like writing a blog post or staring off into the distance while I remember something, consequently resulting in a cringe.
  • I’m not a very good Fangirl. If I ever saw someone I’m a fan of,  I would cry and make snot bubbles before I actually shouted, screamed or waved my hands around like whacky inflatable tube guy.
  • My mouth is vile. Well, not my actual mouth like, I brush my teeth. What can come out of my mouth is vile. It’s by some grace of God that I haven’t yet used the C word. Although that one frequently vibrates the ear drums of people within my general vicinity, often, in real life.
  • I am crafty, super crafty. I’m likely to share my creative makes with you. Not all will be fandom specific, you’ve been forewarned.
  • I like using a lot of words, and bullet points.
  • I’m inconsistent. I might post thrice in a day for three days in a row and then you may not hear from me again for a fortnight.
  • My moods can range from Over Confident Egotistical Twat Bag to Manic Depressive Werido, sometimes on the same day.
  • Sometimes I have ounces of confidence to spare, sometimes I can struggle with having the confidence to post something.

I’m actually really nice, and funny. I think. At least that what i’m told, I’m always a bit unsure of trusting others judgements though. I have written an introduction to me. sort of, if you click on the about me button on the menu above ^ that should cover some stuff about me too!

I just want to write about my programmes and movies, experiences, thoughts and opinions and occasionally share my creative stuff. By doing that, I hope to connect with a whole bunch of other crazy people who can be just as weird as me.



18 thoughts on “Who am I and Why am I here?

    • Faye Elizabeth says:

      Well, I’m not really fangirling over anything in the same way that I would over supernatural but I jut finished watching a series of ‘the syndicate’ (third I think) it’s a 6 episode series about lottery winners and they’ve all be so good! It was nice to catch up 🙂


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