The Weekend. The singer? Band?

Is the weekend a singer or a band? I don’t know.

All I know is I caught a whiff when the 50 shades soundtrack come out and I was instantly hooked to the sexy song that is ‘earned it’. Omg, I love that song and I would listen to it all the time if I could. It still has a top spot on my YouTube playlist. (all credit to VEVO for this video)

I had been listening to the song on the radio for a while and found that every time it came on it made me want to dance. Horizontally. With my boyfriend. I’m not lying either. Its one of the sexiest songs I’ve listened to for a long, long time and I applaud the person who wrote it, even more the person who chose it to feature on 50 shades. the song couldn’t be more fitting, regardless of the fact that I thought the movie sucked balls, this song will always be the silver lining of an otherwise lame movie. I decided that I wasn’t getting my fill of the song and quickly asked siri WHAT SONG IS THIS? the next time I heard it on the radio. I naturally head on over to youtube to what the vid.

Well, What I got ticked all the boxes! The video is sexier than the song! Now, I don’t think negatively of the video. I know some people have said that its a bit sexist, one guy watching a whole bunch of women sexy dance on some chairs but hey, isn’t that what the song makes you want to do anyway? Not to mention the fact that the women are actually sexy. People can say its objectifying the female form by allowing them to be gawped at while they dance provocatively but I don’t think so. I thought the video was amazing and reflected the feels and vibes of the song perfectly.

I did have a listen to a couple of other songs of his but never really took much notice. I was too hooked on listening to Earned it.

Fast forward from then to about 2 weeks ago, maybe three. I started hearing this new song on the radio and every time I heard it, it made me want to dance. get my wiggle on. Perfect.

The more I listened to the song, the more I began to wonder what was being said. I made my assumptions and left it at that. I siri’d the song while it was playing and to my surprise it was by the weekend.  Well, then I knew that what I initially thought was meant by the lyrics, was what was meant by the lyrics. At least in my opinion anyway,

see, the song is called I CAN’T FEEL MY FACE WHEN I’M WITH YOU, its catchy, its got a good beat, like I said it makes me want to bop about when its playing but I still giggled at what I felt he meant.

His lyrics make him sound like he’s talking about a lover. I don’t think that’s true, he’s talking about a lover, but not quite, maybe more of a dirty mistress, her name? Cocaine.  Cocaine makes your face numb when you take it, it gives you a buzz, makes you feel numb, carefree, young.


I cant feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it, but I love it

~~  ‘course you love it! you’re baked mate!

 and I know she’ll be the death of me, at least we’ll both be numb,

and I know she’ll get the best of me, the worst is yet to come.

~~ yes, she could very well cause your death son, and yes, the worst is yet to come, that’s kind of what happens when you’re addicted to drugs.

my stupid little replies are merely there for your viewing pleasure, the fact that this guy is singing about a drug, I mean he personifies cocaine likes its a lover! although I don’t really have much of an opinion when it comes to people who take drugs, more so because I just think more fool you, I cant help but love this song. not just for its catchy beat and vibe but because he’s literally serenading his love affair with a drug and I fucking love that!




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