Calling all Supernatural Family…

so last night i finished watching season 9. No spoilers here right now but I will say this. I am now just one season away from being a real-time, in hiatus with the rest of ’em viewer. YES, of course I am going to go back and watch it all again but I literally feel that shit is about to get real.

season 10. I’m actually there and I’ve dreaded it for a long time.

so, what is this post about?

well, I have decided, on a whim, that i would start a new blog today. Specifically for supernatural. But not just for me.

for all of us.

If you head here, you will see the website, if you want to, you can join the website and then you will be able to create posts, discuss your Fangirl or Fanboy moments, read others posts, get acquainted with other family members you might not have otherwise met and get talking about supernatural with other people who wont groan at you for mentioning it AGAIN!

Everybody is welcome to join, I only ask that you are a fan of supernatural and that you are respectful to the other member’s of the group.



7 thoughts on “Calling all Supernatural Family…

  1. Vibrant says:

    Hey Faye ( I did this right πŸ˜› )

    I would not spoil it for you–is Dean the Demon or Mark of Cain the problem?
    I don’t remember.
    Soon I would see Supernatural fanboy website with fanboy comments.

    Good to go,



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