Supernatural, season 10

I recently started up a supernatural blog, it’s for everyone who’s a fan of supernatural! I’d be super stoked to see you over there! 

Onto my feels….

I watched episode one, the first time I’ve seen demon Dean in action! I’ve somehow, miraculously, managed to avoid finding out information/spoilers about s10 so far and I am so damn thankful I’ve managed something nigh on impossible! It meant that while I was watching it, it was all still new stuff! 

I want to say how I felt, so I am warning you, there are 10×1 spoilers ahead….

Opening scenes of Black show a woman being tortured, initially I was thinking it must be Dean. When it was revealed that Sam was controlling the show, I was like hmmm, touché. 

It’s almost, role reversal. Intentional, to have us as the audience believe that Dean be the one doing the torturing. It was obvious from then, at least to me, that Sam was going to be presented a little differently again during this season. 

Following Sam’s search for Dean and then being shown Dean signing karaoke and getting pissed up with Crowley kind of made me a bit disappointed. I thought we were going to have us some real dark demon stuff from the off but not so. Deans little eye up of the waitress have all the hints we needed and there it was, the post sex scene and a pretty blonde giving it WOW! 

*much yes* *very wow* *many sexy*

Sorry to sidetrack here but, uh, anyone else think Deam* needs a haircut? I couldn’t stop thinking about 90’s boy bands the whole episode….

*intentional. Dean+Deamon=Deam. 

With that digression over, and with that, more of the episode, I had to laugh at the role reversal yet again being shown through Sam, ‘son of a bitch’ omg! You could not be trying to replicate Dean’s mannerisms more! Which I think is necessary, and simultaneously bittersweet. The little brother inadvertently channeling his big bro, while searching for his big bro! As much as Sam is strong, I’m a pretty firm believer that Dean has always been the leader. The role reversal Shown through Sam is necessary because he’s now in control, the leader, if you will. Good, because at least he’s looking this time, Sad, because his Dean-isms only reflect how much he’s missing him!

 the revaluation that Crowley is responsible for sending Abbadon followers towards Dean wasn’t really a shock horror moment. Instead, I found myself feeling that Crowley was using Dean as a trap, weed out all the backstabbers and traitors who took Abbadons side during the fight for Hell’s throne. Knowingly, he sent them to Dean, to get killed. It’s pretty simple really, Crowley brings the fight to Dean, while doing so, he’s getting revenge on all those who left him and have not returned. Secondly, as explained to Dean by Crowley himself, to keep him on his demonic toes. Maybe, it’s a personal gain for Crowley, keeping Deam’s bloodlust well and truly high. But, with his admission (if you want to take like that) that Deam is his “best friend,” I’m swayed to thinking that He truly does feel that way. And instead of using Dean as a weapon, maybe, it’s possible, he wants Deam by his side, in Hell. 

I can’t help but feel like Deam was presented different to how I expected. I thought it was going to be demonic, nasty, from the go. It wasn’t, instead he was just a boozy, heavy handed version of Dean. They’ve howled at the moon, something that Dean wants to continue doing, almost in a self destructive way. Like someone who would turn to alcohol after a tough breakup, I couldn’t help but think that instead of happy, in a sadistic way, Dean seemed more intent on drinking away a sorrow. Does Deam feel like he’s going though a breakup? In a strange way, I see it as a possibility. Is Deam, missing his Dean? 

Since Dean wasn’t possessed by another demon,  it is safe to assume that Dean, and everything about Dean, is still there? That he remembers his humanity in the same way as Ruby and Crowley (while on human blood) remembered theirs? Is it okay to think that instead of embracing his demonic Side, he is merely getting along with it? Much like he has anythin else, ever, in his life? This being the reason he’d rather spend his time drinking in a dump than raising hell? And again, because of his new found feelings, he’s lost respect for himself? Knowing he’s now a Hunter, worthy of being hunted? Having no respect for himself would explain why he showed the pretty blonde no respect when he blatantly called her a Skank. *a blow below the belt by any standards.  

At the end, when we’re shown Sam’s Captured and a new face is introduced as the next nemesis, we’re shown a phone call between said nemesis and Deam. Throughout which, I felt torn. On one hand, I was thinking perhaps he really doesn’t give a fuck, he’s not really caring for himself, or others and he’s just found out his ‘beat friend’ practically betrayed him, he’s like already 100% done and really does not care. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but think that the only thing missing from the scene was the whole “if you hurt my brother, I will personally hunt you down and kill you.” Scenario. Could it be that for the sake of Sam, and the possibility of Dean being in Deam Somehwere, he’s actually already planned a way to find and slaughter new nemesis while saving sammy in the process?

I guess, I will have to continue watching to find out. What were your S10x1 episode feels? Similar to mine or polar opposite?


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