I accidentally ranted. (not original title)

Over on blogging 101, todays assignment is all about getting inspired by others in the blogosphere. Now, over the years of being on here and other platforms I have seen my fair share of posts that have prompted a response (in my mind). But that’s pretty much where I keep it, almost always because I don’t actually have anything nice to say to the other blogger. Or should I say, I disagree with their opinion and often contemplate writing in their comment box and/or reblogging with a response. Alternatively, I have done the old “I recently read an article…blah blah blah” so nobody gets hurt and I am able to express my opinion BUT, somehow its never really satisfying.
In an ideal world, I would behave online as I do in real life and that is with the upmost of honesty. in fact, in real life I have destroyed friendships purely by expessing an explicit opinion of something. Years ago, I actually didn’t give a fuck if everyone hated me because I was honest. If they couldn’t deal with the truth then, well, Fuck ’em was what I thought. These days, I hold my tongue.
I keep many of my opinions to myself. I know first hand that being a loner sucks! Like really sucks but the truth is, I quite like being a loner. I have more time to do my copious amounts of hobbies, I have more time to spend in my shell I call my home, since I may be 1/1,000,000’th hermit crab and thoroughly enjoy being within four walls. I am indeed introverted to my core. I enjoy people, but I’m not very good at peopling. I have very few friends, those I do regard as friends are highly stimulating to me, they engage in conversations I enjoy and This makes them important to me.
Many times I have literally had to tell people I’m not interested and this one time, I ended up having a full on argument with someone when I turned to them and said “I’m going to have to stop you there, you’re boring me.” Yes. That’s me, brutally honest.

So what exactly am I getting at with a post about drawing inspiration from others when all I’ve done so far is waffle on about being honest? Well, it’s because i’m about to be honest with you. And I figured I would start off by telling you just how much of an assbutt I can be, before I go alienating half of my readership. After all, if you don’t like what you’re reading then ideally, you could leave. I mean, if you’re ever bored or whatever, just go, because I don’t really want you here either. Blogging is a way I engage with people without actually having to go near a person and all their germs and shizzz…….urgh. There’s pros and cons to being a germaphobe, one, my house is always lickable but, people make me ill and I’m also a massive emetaphobe so you can screw off with you’re germs and illness. Get the fuck out of my vicinity if you woke up with a scratchy throat this morning.

Wow! I digressed a bit there, ever the procrastinator, I mean no harm but I am trying to write freely so it may very well always end up like this. It’s not you, it’s me.

Anyway, what was I saying? oh yeah, peopling and blogging and stuff. Yeah, so, todays task is to get inspired by other bloggers and write a response. Well I’m not writing a particular response to a particular post. No, instead this is a post I am directing to all the lovely people who have taken the time to check out my posts here on iF. You guys are inspiring. and Inspired by you I am.

When I posted my ‘art’ I never really expected to see any likes, let alone any comments but I have had such a wonderful response and it has been inspiring. It had inspired me to pick up my pens and pencils again and draw more. I will post when I’m done! So thank you all, for showing me that it’s okay to share my art here 🙂 I can’t promise all of my art will be fandom based but I’m fairly confident that won’t matter because you’re all so lovely anyway, you wont mind!

now, here’s the honest part that I forewarned you about, I hate people who comment for the sake of commenting. WE all get them, you know the commenters who just give it ‘great post’ and leave again, never to be seen again. Those bastards do my head in because well, what the fuck? What was the point in all of that? Did you really like my post or are you busy trying to find visits to your blog? Ain’t nobody got time for that my friend! I have a pretty good sense of character and I can always tell when someone is a fishin’ for likes or genuinely interested in my blog. I’ve noticed a few, here and there that do this to me and I’ve bitten down on my tongue long enough. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with all of my readers but if you’re going to comment and have a reply off me and never comment again, then you are not my friend. you are not a nice follower!

Don’t get me wrong. I know not everyone has the time to comment and hold down a convo. I sometimes just ‘like’ posts and im on my way to the next one which I am likely to just ‘like’ mostly because I know my days are busy, I wont always have the time to reply and I don’t want to be one of those commenters. But I Like and Leave again because I want you to know that I am there, I am having a good time reading your stuff and if I’ve liked it, it means I actually like it. I’m not fobbing you off with a mediocre ‘like’ I’m making you aware that I’m still there and taking notice of your stuff. So, if you’ve followed my blog in the hope that I will follow you back or in the hope that I will add to your numbers then please just go. I don’t want you here. Trust me when I say, If I feel like you’re making an effort with me, I will make an effort with you! If I feel like you’re not really interested, I will know. I forewarned you in my about, I’m psychic, I just know this stuff! You were warned.

Back to my happy smiley face now, thanks to all of you for being interested in my blog. I hope I continue to satisfy! Now I’m going to go sit in a corner, I was nasty. Naughty me.

My First Supernatural Fan-Art.

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Identifying my audience?



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An introduction to Introverted Fangirl.

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A bit pointless but here we go….

I’ve just finished season 8 of supernatural, I’m not even going to parented that it didn’t affect me right down in the deepest of feels because that would be a lie and I’m not a liar. The season finale saw me throwing my tablet scores my bed and (metaphorically) screaming OH MY GOD! (The baby was sleeping) 

Anywho, I am complete poo at writing how I feel about a show because i always mama bed to make it look l I’ve I spat at my PC and a blog post happened, utter shite. I can’t even. 

With that said, I did think I was only watching season 7! So now I’m off on a journey into season 9 knowing that within a month or so, I will be in hiatus. I’m not even going to say what that will do to me! I know I will cry and I will not be carrying on like some wayward son… I will curl up in a ball and cry, like a child, who just discovered the tooth fairy doesn’t exist (or does it?) either way, I will not be happy. This is the first time in my life I am actually concerned about being on a break from a show. Normally I can just get on with it. Not this time. Nope nope nope. It scares me. I actually do want to watch Sherlock though so having the time for that will be nice. Still, no spn?… Lame.

Right, so what exactly did I come on ‘ere for? 

Oh yeah, well, I signed up to blogging 101. I’ve done it before on my other blog and it was super beneficial and I’m doing it again only here! I’ll finally get myself together enough and have a plan/prompt which is more than “Jesus Christ almighty, I just finished another season of supernatural,” since that’s pretty much what all my posts are about.

So, I know with blogging 101 there’s going to be an introductions and shizz, I’m actually really looking forward to getting it done and actually finding a groove for this blog! I started it with the intention of fully opening up about my crazy introverted fan girl self and instead I’ve spent the majority of my posts complaining about supernatural ending when I don’t want it to, even though I’ve got seasons left to watch.

So, yeahhhhhh, like I said, a bit pointless but there you go, I’m gonna be posting pretty regularly soon enough 😘 ttfn bitches!

That FANGiRL blog.

(Spoilers ahead)

so it’s been a while huh?

I’ve been suffering with a bit of bloggers block to be honest, nothing much to write about. 

Supernatural has pretty much taken over my life, I try to watch it as often as I can. I just watched the season seven finale and I cannot stress how much I totally loved this season. A mixture of good things, bad things and sad things, a few tears were shed. The rise of the leviathans, Castiel going awol, sam’s issues, Dean dealing with bobby’s death…. Ouch, right in the feels! I have to say, lots of things happend that I never expected, when the ‘healer’ turned out to be Castiel, jheeze, my jaw hit the floor! 

I think I need to retrace my steps a little too, it wasn’t very long ago I was talking about how Lucifer didn’t get much screen time and I didn’t know why the fandom were so hooked on him. I think I’ve joined in the love of Luci, I couldn’t get enough of him this season, such a cheeky devil! Sam was obviously really bad because of him but strangely, I still enjoyed his scenes!

The finale was great, about four episodes from the final, I was wondering how they would do it, I would normally expect the solution to the problem to be working its way up but it really did all go off in the finale! The leviathans were taken down by the Winchesters and their friends, yay! Rejoice!


Hold on…

Where’s Dean?…

Where’s Castiel?…..





Thank god I don’t have to wait a whole year to watch the next season!

I actually dread coming to the end of Supernatural and being in haitus, for real! What will I do?

Well, actually, I’ve got plans. I have a little list and it looks lot like this…

  1. Sherlock 
  2. (Finish off watching) Raising Hope.
  3. (Catch up on) The Middle.
  4. (Catch up on) The Big Bang Theory.
  5. Orange Is The New Black, season 3
  6. (Catch up on) My Little Pony

That should keep me occupied. 

I’ve also got a few movies that need my attention, 

  • The Avengers, Age Of Ultron
  • Jurassic Park
  • Home
  • Pitch Perfect 2

And books,

  • Fangirl.
  • Harry Potter, books 4-7

And finally, I want to finish the Hama Avengers I started.

If all that doesn’t get me through between finishing what I can of supernatural and the next season, I don’t know what will.

I realise, that’s a lot to take in, I think it’s doable. I think.

For now, I’m hoping to watch Home tonight, I can tick that one off the list then! 

Harry Potter. Always.

Back when I was 12, my mum bought me the first four Harry Potter books. 

They were a Christmas gift, when I opened them I looked at my mum and rolled my eyes,

“Harry potter?” 

“Yeah, they’re really popular!” She was on the defensive because I clearly wasn’t impressed.

“Yeah I know mum, kids at school read them!” I was annoyed she thought I was going to like the present.

“You don’t have to read them! Give them to someone or something.” She was done, probably saying ‘ungreatful little shit’ in her head.

I took my pile of books into my room along with the rest of my gifts and there they sat for about a month. 

I remember being stuck in inside and feeling bored in my room and while I was looking for something to do, I picked up Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. I read the back and I looked at the pictures on the coveres and flicked to the first page and started reading. 

Three chapters later I realised I hadn’t moved for the whole time. I didn’t want to put it down, I didn’t want to stop reading, I was in there. I was hooked. That night I stayed awake for hours, I read the whole book. I must’ve been awake until about 5am because I remember having to get up for school and telling my mum I had been awake all night reading and I was too tired to go. She made me go, told me I had to, it was my own fault for staying awake and reading through the night.

From that night, I was a Harry Potter fan. I read first four books and I couldn’t wait for the next books to come out but it was a couple of years before I got around to reading them. I actually didn’t read The Order Of The Phoenix until the Deathly Hallows had come out. Still, my love for it never died, I just didn’t have time to read back then. I was busy working and I had a flat to look after too. It wasn’t until, I had been laid off work I actually stated reading them again.

I watched the movies and patiently waited for them all to come out. I guess the excitement I experienced in the lead up to the movies made up for the excitement I missed out on with the books.

I owe friendships to Harry Potter. It’s always been one of my favourite things to talk about and discuss. I always express to people who haven’t read the books to read them, they’re important. The books really do have more.  The Sassy Potter we read in The books is very rarely seen in the movie and let us not forget how much peeves made us laugh out loud as we read about his shenanigans, which are not in the movies! The books are better, the movies are awesome but for me, they’ve always been a visual aid. Watching Order of the Pheonix for the first time disappointed me so much it made me angry, the first few chapters of OOTP has so much information in it that plays massively into the story and NONE of it was in the movie! Still, even though watching it disappointed me, having a visual image of a Thestral was good, although not exactly what I first thought! As for the story overall, it was the book that was the beginning of the end.

My love for Harry Potter is passionate. In ways I sometimes have trouble understanding. Here’s a prime example of how much love I have for the story of The Boy Who Lived, 

These days, I am comfortable enough to outwardly express my love for it but it wasn’t always that way. I wasn’t always open about my passion for it. People knew I liked it but they didn’t know that I would spend time searching it, looking at pictures on the Internet, reading about the characters, watching interviews with J.K Rowling, reading other people’s posts on their thoughts and opinions of it. Researching the books and the movies. I spent a great deal of time gathering information on it which only added to my passion. It’s not like that anymore, everybody knows how much I love Harry Potter because I have inherited a Harry Potter family. The Majority of my in laws are Harry Potter Fans, my boyfriend is a quiet fan too, not as passionate but he enjoys the movies and I love that he does. Still, even so, back when our relationship began, they didn’t know the depth of my love for Harry Potter and we all went to the cinema to watch the release of Harry Potter, The deathly Hallows pt.2. None of my in laws have read the books, that’s fine, that’s no bother to me, but for them, the movie was the final movie. For me it was the final chapter, the very end. It was ending. That was it. I knew what was coming. I knew what I was about to watch but I was not prepared for it. Even before the visit to the cinema I was emotional. I hid it, not wanting to show how deeply this was affecting me because my boyfriend was working and couldn’t come so it was me and his family, I wasn’t comfortable expressing that at the time.

We watched the movie. My eyes never left the screen for a second and I was crying at the beginning. I didn’t mind so much in the dark of the cinema, my in laws weren’t looking at me. 

I watched as we edged closer and closer to the Battle of Hogwarts. I sunk back in my chair and watched as history was shown before me. By the time the movie ended, mentally I was a wreck. My heart was broken. I know it was a happy ending but it was the ending. That was it, the end.

Never again in my life would I experience the excitement of the lead up to a release. I have the books, I have the movies, I can go back and do it all again but as a huge fan, I can honestly tell you,

There is nothing more magical than reading Harry Potter for the first time.

The second, third and fourth times are just as enjoyable as the first, but the first experience of Harry Potter, book or movie, is the most powerful, magnificent, awing, moment to ever live in the world of moments. There is no comparison to it. 

I walked out the cinema in silence. It had been years since I had read the Deathly Hallows. I genuinely was not prepared for the visual finale. I knew it would be good, I knew I would feel sad but I walked out of there broken.

I stayed silent on the way home. Everyone asked if I enjoyed it. All I could muster was a yes. The frog in my throat was as big as a toad, bigger even! I was choking back an elephant sized ball of emotions. I didn’t dare speak a word to anyone, the second my mouth went to open, my eyes would brim with tears. I was devistated. My mind was blown. My head was full of the scenes, the book, the ending. The way, for the first time ever, I felt, they got it right in the movie, I swear I will never watch another movie that will affect me as much as deathly Hallows part 2. The car journey home was a nightmare, everybody was talking about how good it was, how epic it was and slowly my mind was melting. I was angry that they were happy. They were satisfied that it had ended and that was okay.  I couldn’t even fathom why I felt so distressed, so upset that they weren’t upset. I couldn’t open up truly to them, they had no idea how much I loved this story. How the way, for the first time ever, I watched people I loved die, in front of my very own eyes! How could these people feel so positive? Had they watched the same movie as me? It was not okay!

I was not okay!

When I got home, I ran to my room and lopped onto my bed in the classic Disney princess way and I bawled my eyes out! I cried for hours. Literally hours and hours and hours of endless tears. I was grieving, grieving for fictional characters that had some how become real to me. I knew the story continued off screen and way past the final chapter but the fact that we were done just tore me to shreds. 

The effect the Deathly Hallows leaves on me now is not far from what I experienced that day. I still cry when it ends.  It’s a reminder that it has finished and I resent my younger self for not experiencing Harry Potter while it was ongoing. I look back and wish that I hadn’t taken a break from it. Since then, I have read the books agian and I have watched the movies countless times. There are days when nothing but Harry Potter will make me feel better. I love it. I am a proud Ravenclaw and even when I am older I will still be watching Harry Potter, because Harry Potter, Always.

If, like me, you are a die hard fan. I just wanted to share this video with you, I stumbled across it back last year and every so often I will watch it again and it always makes me cry. This video is fantastic and as much i like to think that everyone who has ever been a fan of Potter will have seen this, I kind of hope you haven’t because the first time, is the best.

An endless amount of credit for the team behind this video, everything about it is amazing! 

It’s been a while!

I haven’t posted in over a week!

Firstly, I would have posted something last weekend but I somehow managed to forget to actually post what I wrote. I had an operation a week ago yesterday and I’ve been a bit whacked out.

I originally planned on keeping an update of what I was reading and watching while I recovered but I didn’t, obviously.

I’m better now, healing slowly, a bit sore. I started reading ‘The fault in our stars’ while I was recovering, managed a couple of chapters before I realised I wasn’t actually reading it properly, there’s so many long words and I found that my anesthetic influenced brain just couldn’t absorb what was going on. I need to go back about three chapters and re-read them to get the jest of it properly.

Season 5 of SPN came to an end and left me feeling a mixture of emotions. The whole vessel thing had me feeling sorry for the Winchesters, I have to admit though, I don’t understand why the fandom miss Lucifer so much, I didn’t think he was in it that much. I saw that he was kind of nice, actually, for the devil but I was expecting more. More scenes, more dialogue, just more. I’m still wondering how the SPN fandom misses him, I genuinely didn’t think we saw enough of him to miss him when he left 😐

I’ll agree with the Fandom, Angels are dicks, except Cas, obviously. I hated, I mean actually hated, Zachariah. What a dick. Literally. All the other Angels were shit bags too, rude and obnoxious, it was amazing watching the show and hating something that in real life are seen as awesome, very clever. Overall the season was jam-packed with amazing characters and stories. The way it all unfolded and boomed at the finale was awesome, nail-biting and just totally epic. The cliff hanger was amazing and I dread to think how I would feel if I was actually watching the show in real-time!

Needless to say, I started watching season 6 about two days later and I’ll be honest, I HATED IT! Ohmygod, I hated it! I hated the way they had written Sam. It was such a weird experience watching it and feeling so much negativity towards Sam. Then seeing how Dean was treated after his return to hunting and seeing Sam junior and all other family members that were not to my liking. I very nearly stopped watching because I just wasn’t enjoying the episodes. I thought they had changed Sam for good. Anyway, it’s all good now. Sam’s back to normal and I can get back to being the SPN fan that I am.

In other news, just yesterday I started playing Sims freeplay. I have a confession, I have NEVER played the Sims. I have played sim city on the DS (one of my fave games ever) but never the actual Sims. I was bored and my gaming genre tends to sway towards simulation anyway, so I just thought bugger it. So far so good, I just wish it didn’t take so long to get some money!

We’ll see how that goes!

I guess I havent got much to report really. Spent a lot of time just doing family stuff and sleeping while I recovered.

What about you guys? Anything new to share?

Talk to you all soon!